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On Thursday, Deputy Prime Minister and Agriculture Minister Henryk Kowalczyk signed an ordinance on detailed veterinary requirements for the operation of animal shelters, which will replace the current Ordinance of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of June 23, 2004 with the same title.

Larger cages and 24 hour service

The minister emphasized that in addition to the conditions for keeping animals, the regulation also regulates the human resources of shelters, including introduces a 24-hour on-call time of shelter staff, as well as qualification requirements, so that at least one employee has specific training, for example animal technician or veterinarian.

He added that the team of the animal protection minister’s plenipotentiary and the animal lovers group were also working on the new scheme.

The new regulations will improve conditions in shelters. This is a minor change, it couldn’t have been more extensive as you have to act within the guidelines provided by the law.

Nevertheless, what is sought by non-governmental organizations engaged in the protection of animals is included in this regulation – noted Katarzyna Piekarska (KO), the head of the parliamentary group Friends of Animals, who attended the conference.

The animal protection minister’s plenipotentiary, Albert Kurkowski, emphasized that the regulation signed on Thursday will help settle the issue of shelters and minimum conditions for keeping animals. He added that it would apply to municipal and foundation inns.

Changes due to the control of shelters

The announcement from the Ministry of Agriculture noted that the regulatory change is the result of inspections carried out by the Veterinary Inspectorate, as well as signals from the public, pointing to irregularities in animal housing, eg regarding the keeping of animals.

As the ministry has said, the draft regulation has been subject to extensive public consultation, including: was shipped directly to more than 150 animal shelters.

The new regulation introduces the requirement that newly built shelters must be located at least 150m away from residential buildings and public utilities. Introduced ao regulation that the shelter was obliged to segregate a place for food storage, for keeping animals for at least 7 days.

Mandatory run for dogs

An obligation was introduced to provide a run for dogs in the shelter, with an area of ​​no less than 100 m2, with access to a lawn. Shelters for up to 35 dogs are exempt from this requirement.

At the same time, an obligation has been introduced to allow every dog ​​to run or walk at least twice a week, and this requirement should not be applied, among other things, to fearful and aggressive dogs; the scope of mandatory vaccinations for dogs and cats in shelters was expanded, including the introduction of an obligation to vaccinate cats against rabies every 12 months.

How many hostels are there in Poland?

According to the data of the Veterinary Inspectorate, in 2020 there were 230 animal shelters housing 92.4 thousand people. dogs and 32.5 thousand. cats. In 2020, 63,358 dogs (68.5%) and 21,245 cats (65%) were released from shelters.

In 2020, of the 630 checks carried out, 108 were negative. Irregularities were found in 71 animal shelters. They mainly related to the insufficient space for medical and veterinary procedures – (in 18 shelters); an oven for burning a corpse or a cooler for storing corpses (in 15 shelters); disinsection and deratization program (in 7 shelters).

Deputy Prime Minister and Agriculture Minister Henryk Kowalczyk announced further efforts to protect animals. chipboarding. He added that the applicable law could be processed within months. – Now it’s time for hostels to adapt the conditions to the new regulation – summed up the Minister of Agriculture.

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