Korona Kielce one step away from Ekstraklasa. “There’s Her Place”

Zbigniew Czyż: Korona will fight today to return to Ekstraklasa after two years. There will be a lot of nerves in Kielce, but you could have avoided them if you had managed to get 1st or 2nd place in the regular season.

Paweł Golanski: This is now history. We’re just focusing on today’s meeting. The goal that has been set and set for ourselves is still achievable. There is only one step left. There will still be time to analyze what was there before the playoffs. We are very excited that we will be fighting for Ekstraklasa.

The fact that you play in the grand final with Chrobry Głogów, instead of Arka Gdynia, is a potentially better situation for Korona?

– The handicap is certain that we will play this decisive game at home and there is no arguing about that. In the game against Odra Opole, our fans supported the team from start to finish and contributed to this victory. We watched the match between Chrobry and Arek and the team from Głogów presented themselves very well. This is a very demanding team, playing the same ball from the very first game of the season. There is no panic there, they try to play the action calmly. It may not be a star-studded team, but it is a strong collective.

– We expect a difficult game, but we are mainly focused on ourselves. The important thing is how we play. All in our heads, hearts and legs. This is how we approach this game, with respect for the rival, of course. We’re going to write the script for this match, it all depends on us. We really want to achieve the goal, which is to be promoted to Ekstraklasa.

Is there a lot of pressure in Kielce, but also in the team itself, to return to the Eredivisie after two seasons?

– There was nothing to hide, there was pressure from the beginning of this season. However, we have built a team to fight effectively for the Ekstraklasa and we are doing it. The pressure in sport is always there if you are ambitious and want to achieve your goal. However, pressure cannot absolutely block us today, on the contrary, it must drive us. Everyone from CEOs to Korona players dreams of playing in Ekstraklasa.

– Someone might say that Chrobry won’t feel that much pressure, but ambitious footballers who like to taste Ekstraklasa also play there. Some have played in it before, others haven’t, so they’ll definitely do their best to progress. It will be a very attractive meeting and we are only looking at ourselves. We have to leave the best of today on the field.

You don’t have to worry about the will aspects of the Crown, character wise the team from Kielce is certainly a great strength and collective.

– Secure. We built the Crown so that the team had many players with character, who would bring a lot of positive energy in difficult moments. We realize that this is the last game. The pressure and the whole envelope will probably take its toll on everyone, but we want to pierce it with only positives. Every footballer wants to play in today’s games, that’s the beauty of the sport when it’s all up to you. The goal is now within reach. It depends only on us whether the Crown will return to the elite today, that is, where it belongs.

Fans can enter the stadium by buying tickets at half price, and pass holders free. Is a full audience expected, is the hunger for beautiful football returning in Kielce?

– Naturally. Certainly after this weaker period, when the Crown was in the hands of the Germans. At that time, there was nothing to hide, many fans turned their backs on Korona, they stopped coming to our matches. Now the trend is reversed. I hope that the fans who hesitated for a moment will support us with cheers today, that they will be our twelfth player, just like in the game against Odra Opole, and that they will lead Korona to Ekstraklasa.

Korona is ready for Ekstraklasa? With promotion there will probably be reinforcements?

– Of course we are preparing to strengthen the team, but first we have to take this last step and win a promotion. Only then is it time to sit down and talk about reinforcements. We are very happy with the work of coach Leszek Ojrzyński. I believe that today we will be happy that Korona will return to Ekstraklasa.

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Interviewed by Zbigniew Czyż

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