How to protect the interior of the house from unwanted insects?

In summer we take full advantage of the sunny weather and let in warm sunlight and fresh air through the open windows. Unfortunately, insects, leaves and dust often fall into the room, which can be very annoying. So the solution in this situation is mosquito nets, which protect the interior from unwanted insects from the outside.

Insect protection is an important step in preparing for the summer period. Different types of flies, mosquitoes, flies or ticks that appear at this time are not only an extremely burdensome and intrusive element of daily life, but also a threat to the health of the household members.

A well-chosen mosquito net will protect our house against unwanted insects. Thanks to a wide range of solutions available on the market, you can choose the option that best suits your individual needs, requirements and capabilities.

Tailor-made insect protection for every window

The most chosen solution for facade windows are screens. They are placed in place of the frame and then mounted with pressure plates or latches. Its main advantage is low cost, while preserving the full functionality of the window. It is recommended to disassemble the mesh for the winter period.

– The second type of screens for facade windows are screens that are integrated into the roller shutter. The installation of this solution differs considerably from the frame version, as this type of mosquito net has to be ordered together with the entire system. The box contains a roller with a mosquito net on it. Such a mechanism allows the mosquito net to be gently guided along the guides, making cleaning easier even in winter, without the need to disassemble it, says Awilux expert Rafał Buczek.

Close the insect entrance

Another type of insect protection is door mosquito nets. Depending on their systems, there are 3 types of mosquito nets – traditional door, sliding doors and pleated blinds.

A wide selection of meshes ensures perfect adaptation to the requirements and needs of household members – both in terms of functionality and assembly. The traditional insect screen is placed on the frame and can be opened outwards thanks to the hinges, after the window has been opened inwards. The only drawback of this solution is the difficulty of mounting on roller shutters or concealed frames.

The IST sliding screen mesh is intended for sliding and standing systems. Moving on guides, it moves from the movable part to the fixed part, allowing you to use the passageway freely.

One of its advantages, and thus a feature that distinguishes it from other solutions, is its adaptation to large surfaces, usually used in the case of two leaves.

– Pleated mosquito nets in the lift-slide system are an equally common solution. Mosquito nets hide in the cassette and when pulled apart they slide along a flat guide. The upper guide is hidden in a special housing. This type of mosquito net is distinguished by the lack of a protruding sill, which has been replaced by a flat guiding element. An additional advantage is a small box in which the mosquito net is hidden and almost takes up space in the passage lighting with sliding systems. This type of solution can be mounted in the recess, but you have to make sure that the cassette fits in the opening – adds Rafał Buczek.

What to do to make the mosquito net last longer?

The main thing is to keep it clean. The mosquito net must be regularly cleaned of dust and other dirt that cannot enter thanks to the mosquito net. Cleaning products and detergents can help. Also watch out for sharp objects that can damage the mesh. A cut mosquito net, even after gluing, will not fully regain its protective function, allowing insects and dirt to enter the house.

We can fit insect screens on most windows and doors, except solutions with unusual sizes and shapes. They do not interfere with the aesthetics and design of the joinery, allowing the use of wood-like veneers or acrylics to match the colors of our windows and doors.

As the Awilux expert advises, the placement and purchase of a mosquito net should be considered at the window installation stage, in order to properly match the mesh to both our home and individual requirements.

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