This is for sure! The big star leaves the Polish league

WP SportoweFakty found that Travis Trice, voted MVP of the final, by far the best player of the past season, is leaving the Polish league and moving to Spain. There he will play for much more money.

Karol Wasiek

Travis Trice (center)

PAP / Maciej Kulczyński / In the photo: Travis Trice (in the middle)

WKS Śląsk Wrocław is the gold medalist of the Energa Basket League. This is the 18th championship in the history of the Wrocław club, which defeated Legia Warszawa 4:1 in the grand final. This huge success would not have been possible without the character of Travis Trice, who was chosen as the MVP of the finals. In it, he had statistics at the level of 20 points, 7 assists and 3 rebounds.

We know that Friday’s game against Legia (he scored 11 points, had 7 assists) was Trice’s last game before WKS Silesia. The basketball player leaves the Polish league and moves to sunny Spain.

WP SportoweFakty agreed that UCAM CB Murcia will be the American’s new employer. This is the 10th club of the ACB league in the 2021/2022 season (he will play European cups, with a good chance of the Basketball Champions League). We hear that Trice is going to make a lot more money there: more than twice as much as in Śląsk Wrocław, where he went during the tournament.

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It is worth adding that his offer included at the Legia table ($15-17 thousand), but in the end signed a contract with a club that participated in the renowned EuroCup tournament (slightly less money). The American really wanted to play in these leagues, he wanted to show himself and promote himself. He reached his goal in 100 percent. In a few months he will make his debut on the dance floors of the Spanish League, considered the best in the old continent. It is worth noting that Trice in his resume includes: performances in France, Italy and Turkey.

“King of the League”

The 29-year-old American was by far the best player of the past season on the Polish courts. He charmed his playing, was called a “dancer” and “king of the competition”. The coaches of the rivals very often spread their hands helplessly, sent several defenders to his cover, but even that did not work.

Travis Trice danced with opponents who could only watch. This beautiful dance of the American brought Silesia to the top in the Polish backyard.

“He’s incredibly fast, agile and you never know what he’s going to do. It’s damn hard to stop him,” said one of the players who had to limit his actions in one of the matches. He tried, he fought, but Trice was just too good, he scored more than 20 points again and Silesia was victorious.

Travis Trice with the MVP award
Travis Trice with the MVP award

Trice is not gifted with great physical conditions, but he makes up for it with skill, cleverness and great dedication. As a quarterback, he can lead the team, is not afraid of stressful situations, can take responsibility in difficult moments. He has a great throw and can play as a defender pitcher.

– Travis Trice is a “dancer” of the Polish competition. Once he starts his show, there’s no stopping him. This is the MVP of the league – claims Łukasz Kolenda of Śląsk Wrocław, who does not hide that he has not met a player of such class so far. He is impressed by Trice’s calmness and creativity, with whom he gets along on a daily basis.

– He handed out such cookies that it was a pity not to use them – smiles Alexander Dziewa, who played the best season of his career together with Trice. It is possible that the Pole … also moves to Spain. Río Natura Monbús Obradoiro has a strong interest in him.

– Travis Trice is the best player I’ve ever played with. He makes it easier for others to play on the field, he can help everyone. It is a leader, general and dominator in one. He can earn points in different ways, but also create positions for others. It’s not that he just wants to open up to himself, look at his stats and forget about others. He can combine it perfectly – says Kodi Justice.

One thing is certain: a player with such skills has not been to Poland for a long time. Comparisons to the legend of Silesia by Lynn Greer are not surprising. Years ago he gave fans a lot of joy in the Centennial Hall, now it was similar to Trice, which was watched with great pleasure. One thing separates them: Greer didn’t lead the team to the championship (he lost in the final), Trice did it with a smile on his face. Now his game will be enjoyed by Spanish fans.

Karol Wasiek, journalist WP SportoweFakty

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