New hand in Stal, without national coach!

While this information is still unofficial, it appears that Igor Milicić will not be the coach of Arged BM Stal Ostrów Wielkopolski. His successor is already known!

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Igor Milicic

Press material / Rafał Jakubowicz / Arged BM Stal / In the photo: Igor Milicić

Time for a new hand at Arged BM Stali Ostrów Wielkopolski, the team that was the biggest disappointment in the 2021/2022 season.

The club with the largest budget and staffing potential derailed at the first hurdle in the play-off phase. The inhabitants of Ostrów, the Polish champion in the 2020/2021 season, did not even win a match in the series with Legia Warsaw. It’s no secret that such a sensation has not been in the Polish league for several years.

The steel looked miserable, it was difficult to find positives in the game of the Ostrów team. Experts strongly criticized the coach of Igor Milicic, who is also the daily coach of the Polish national team.

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– I also remember that he was always preparing something extra for games in the play-off phase. There were new solutions in defense and in attack. Now it was not there at all, which was a big surprise for me, but also a disappointment – Łukasz Wiśniewski, a former Polish representative, told us.

This result was also received with great disappointment in the club in Ostrów. The owner, Paweł Matuszewski, experienced very much the defeat of Legia in the quarter-finals of PLK, he did not hide that the team built – for a lot of money – would repeat the result of the previous season, when in the ” Ostrów bubble” they enjoyed of winning the Polish Championship.

We know that Matuszewski completely cut himself off from basketball after the last game with Legia, and he had no contact with the players. He needed to rest and calm down from the sources of stress, and this season – as we know – has brought a lot of emotions. “Stalówka” lost the match for the Polish Super Cup, was eliminated in the group stage of the Champions League and triumphed in the Polish Cup.

Already with the new coach

Now, in Ostrów Wielkopolski, it’s time for new clearance. We know that the campaign titled “2022/2023 Season” has already been launched in the past few days. Talks with sponsors and the city are ongoing. One thing is certain: the club’s budget is definitely shrinking. However, locals emphasize that more modest doesn’t mean worse, as evidenced by some teams that successfully entered the playoffs. Examples? Vice champion of Legia Warszawa and the unveiling of the games Grupa Sierleccy Czarni Słupsk (fourth place). In both cases, the players budget did not exceed PLN 2.5 million. One can speak of a great success.

Andrzej Urban (back) leads Stal
Andrzej Urban (back) leads Stal

In “Stalówka” they want to follow a similar path. They don’t want to spend as much money as last season. Therefore, the team will not be led by Igor Milicić. WP SportoweFakty agreed that the new coach of “Stalówka” will be Andrzej Urban, the current assistant, who had previously also watched Wojciech Kamiński’s workshop. Now he will lead the team from Ostrow. It is worth noting that the debut in PLK – as the first coach – is already behind him. In the 2020/2021 season, the team under his leadership defeated Anwil Włocławek at home (later Igor Milicić took the reins).

Although the documents have not yet been signed, we know that the club’s authorities (including Paweł Matuszewski) have had specific talks with Urban, with the parties agreeing all terms of cooperation. In Ostrów – also the owner – everyone strongly believes in Urban, they are convinced that he can handle this position.

In Ostrów they want to build a team on a strong base in the form of Poland: Jakub Garbacz and Damian Kulig. There may also be talks with foreigners who were with Stal last season. In the sidelines the names of Florence and Andersson are mentioned.

Less subsidy?

It’s no secret that “Nib”‘s budget was heavily based on city money. In the near future there will be as many as … three teams at the competition level in Ostrów Wielkopolski! In addition to basketball players, there are also Arged KPR Ostrovia handball players and Arged Malesa speedway driver TŻ Ostrovia. This means that this “city pie” has to be divided into more pieces, and there is also high inflation.

– While we enjoy these successes, we have the thought in the back of our minds that the finances are deteriorating. I am afraid that such times will come, and it will be any time when it will be difficult to choose whether to spend money on sports so that you can be successful, or on building a road or maintaining a hospital. – says Paweł Rajski, the district governor in an interview with Ostrowski.

– The crisis, inflation, will certainly affect professional sport. The coming season, not only in basketball, but in many sports disciplines, will be a great test for many people, clubs, how to deal with this – emphasizes Bartosz Karasiński, chairman of Arged BM Stali Ostrów Wielkopolski.

New information should be handed over in the coming days and weeks which we will pass on to WP SportoweFakty.

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