snails. Has Tai Woffinden finally found something? “There is frustration”

The start of the season is not going as planned for Tai Woffinden and the player has already had poor performances in PGE Ekstriga, as well as in the Grand Prix. Recently, it seemed that the troubles were behind him, but against Stal Gorzów there was another weaker performance.

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Tai Woffinden

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Although it initially seemed that switching to Ashley Holloway motorcycles would yield immediate results, not all problems seem to have been solved yet.

At the Polish Grand Prix in Warsaw, the Briton failed to reach the final and scored nine points in six races in the final competition match in Wrocław. After six matches, he is the 14th player of PGE Ekstraliga and only 10th in the overall standings of the world championship.

Recently, the competitor had a lot of time for additional testing of the new equipment and it is unofficially known that the whole team is already very happy with the new engines. Time, however, to confirm your progress during the most important matches.

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Recently, a Brit can be greeted with a characteristic smile from ear to ear. However, the contestant makes sure that the speedway does not stop him having fun.

– Sometimes I’m just frustrated because I know exactly what I can do and when I’m not okay, I don’t feel good about it. I love speedway and this is my whole life. At the same time, I ask a lot of myself and even after matches where I score 13 points in five heats, I sometimes get nervous. I just know I can get a full set. It is characteristic of me that I always want more and more. So when I’m not doing well, there’s frustration. The best remedy for this is to take a step back and look at your achievements from a distance. It allows me to find happiness and appreciate what I have achieved so far. The presence of my family is very reassuring to me. Over the years I’ve learned to leave bad emotions on the track. After returning from a match or training, I no longer think about what happened there. I only look to the future, assures Tai Woffinden.

This weekend the competition of the best speedway riders in the world moves to Prague, an exceptionally lucky place for Woffinden. The Briton has been on the podium six times in recent years, of which he has won the competition three times. Saturday’s game will start at 7pm and in Poland it will be possible to watch them via Eurosport Player.

– Prague is actually a very happy place for me and I have been successful there many times. However, that is in the past and will not matter on Saturday. We have an entirely new challenge ahead of us. I am happy to visit this city, because I like it very much, and I also know that my family will accompany me all weekend, it is already a tradition that we always go to Prague together. On this track, starts are the most important, and if we analyze my last performance, this particular element was quite good for me – adds the competitor.

The Briton also has good news for all fans of Betard Sparta Wrocław, who are currently fifth in the league after a bad start.

– It is what it is and there’s nothing we can do about it yet. We do our best, but it doesn’t always work. However, the atmosphere is the same as the year before and there is no nervousness whatsoever. Sometimes there are worse moments, but we all want to win and I hope better days will come. The representatives of the club still believe in us and do not make any nervous moves – admits the player.

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