Russia defeat, Jelena Wialbe expelled from FIS. There is a lot of anger in the country

Tsarina Putinas defined Jelena Wialbecaused a lot of excitement when she appeared in the conference room From the International Ski Federation (FIS) in Milan. She personally wanted to make sure that the delegates elected her as… next term in the Council† But she got hit on the nose. She got the fewest votes of all candidates and returns to Moscow with nothing more than a clear signal. Also the sports world is very negative about the aggression of Russian troops against Ukraine

After all, the ex-athlete admitted that it was actually so she expected such a turn of events† It’s hard not to because it is staunch supporter of Vladimir Putin† A photo of her in a T-shirt with the image of the president and a phone case with the same motif is circulating on the internet.

Given the suffering of the Ukrainians, the presence of a person with such views in the decision-making body of the FIS a disgrace to the ski club† Meanwhile her no re-election is in Russia much discussed† And seen as probably the biggest blow to the sports community.

Russians regret that they lose their vote in the Counciland thus will no longer directly affect matters related to skiing, one of the most popular sports in the country.

The controversial Olympic champion is back at the helm. Unanimous decision

The Russians comment on the Wialbe issue very nervously, with shoes and against reality. †Dumbest solution ever† But nothing, we will fight in Russia. All in all, it’s time for us to become an IOC sponsor. If 90 percent of the funding came not from America but from Russia, the solution would be: [głosowania] would be very different “- the biathlete bends the facts Alexander Tikhonov quoted by Sport24.

He also spoke Aleksandr Panzynskicformer ski runner and also Olympic runner-up member of the Executive Committee of the FIS† He notes that Russia has been cut off from cross-country skiing, which he believes is “very bad.” He also repeats the Russians’ crowning “argument” about “the politicization of sport“By the way, perhaps somewhat unconsciously, he confirms that” many of the sporting sanctions imposed on Russia are related to the war in Ukraine† Some of his compatriots try to deny it and – like Tikhonov – explain the matter with money or conspiracy theories about transactions.

In similar categories to the words of Panżyński, one can consider the statement of the coach of the Russian national cross-country team, Yuri Warten.” This one [brak wyboru Wialbe] it is a pity. It is a pity that we do not have a representative on the FIS Council, but shame about these politicized peoplethat depend on external decisions. Those who made this decision do not have an opinion “- he is nervous in an interview with

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Around no reelection for Jelena Wialbe it got so confusing that the FIS president raised the matter publicly, Johan Eliasch† He stressed that the decision was largely made democratically. In doing so, he signaled strong position of the ski community on the war in Ukraine and aggressive actions by Russia.

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