PGE supports sport and culture, both parties benefit

– In the autumn of 2020, we announced and are implementing the climate neutrality strategy. The sponsoring strategy is adapted to our business plans, we invest in projects that fit our strategy. We consider every zloty spent on sponsorship as an investment in the future. For every zloty spent on sponsorship in 2021, we received almost 9 PLN. Investments are very effective – said PGE chairman Wojciech Dąbrowski at the conference.

In 2021, the company adopted a new sponsorship strategy, redefining the direction of the company’s engagement. It refers to transformation activities. The symbolic reference here is wind and water, which in addition to being a source of clean energy are also associated with sports competitions.

As part of the new strategy, the group has opted for the MOCna Liga PGE program, which includes, among other things, continues its sponsorship of PGE Narodowy. It focuses on sponsoring professional sports clubs in various disciplines – football, volleyball, basketball and speedway.

For the seventh time, the brand has accompanied speedway riders who took part in the PGE Extraliga. Contrary to appearances, the speedway is also part of the group’s green strategy. – There are many green accents in speedway. Engines are powered by ethanol, this is one of these elements – emphasized Zbigniew Kajdanowski from PGE’s corporate communications department.

The MOCna Liga PGE program also includes sponsorship of the most successful Polish volleyball club, PGE Skra Bełchatów and clubs in the highest basketball league, PGE Spójnia Stargard and football, PGE FKS Stal Mielec. The group also supports the PGE Turów Zgorzelec men’s basketball team and Stal Stalowa Wola, a member of the 3rd league football league.

As part of the Sports Winter program with PGE, the group supports two Polish skating associations – speed skating and figure skating, while under the MOC Wind program it supports the Polish sailing association together with the 2012 Polish Olympic champion Zofia Klepacka.

– We operate across the country, but we value being active among local communities. We want to be close to the customer. We support sports activities of children and young people, we put a lot of emphasis on them, Dąbrowski said. Last year, the group sponsored 16 sports academies, where more than 2.5 thousand people trained. young players. Currently, this program includes almost 4 thousand. people.

The company has also opened up to a new area of ​​sponsorship by co-funding esports. He works together with PGE Polska Liga e-sports and the e-sports section of PGE Turów Zgorzelec. – PGE’s involvement in this future area opens up new opportunities that fit perfectly with the assumptions of the group’s business strategy, ie modern energy services – explain the company’s representatives.

However, sport is not everything. The group is increasingly devoting attention and resources to supporting high culture. Last year, 90 percent of sports organizations went to sports organizations. of the entire money pool, and 10 percent to cultural institutions. – We’re improving, 84 percent are going to exercise this year. funds, and 16 percent for culture. This is the direction we have chosen – said Katarzyna Kozłowska, director of PGE’s corporate communications department.

At present, PGE is the patron of fifteen philharmonies throughout Poland. Another contract with the Lower Silesian Philharmoniker is about to come.

The group is also a patron of the 19th-century art gallery at the National Museum in Warsaw, and has recently become a patron of the National Museum in Lublin. On June 2, the company signs a contract with the National Museum in Krakow.

– We will want to cooperate with National Museums all over Poland, as in the case of the Philharmonic. We have not yet said the last word – Kozłowska inquired. She added that the contracts also cover educational activities and that the organization of activities for children and young people is financially supported.

The program PGE Dumni z Historii also works very well. As part of this project, the company is supporting the Warsaw Uprising Museum and Wawel Castle, where it is the patron saint of royal castle education and the New Crown Treasury.

Tomasz Rożenek, board member of the Sport Biznes Polska Association, believes that cooperation between business and sport in Poland is developing very dynamically. – Sports entities and brands see enormous potential in these partnerships. Currently, marketers often focus on building brand image through values, by being close to the customer, by building a community. That is why sport is often an ideal solution, because these communities are already built around many disciplines, teams and players. Therefore, the business community can gain a lot from collaboration with sports, not only in terms of image and brand awareness, but also in terms of sales or employer branding – he says.

According to him, the marriage between business and sport lasts so long and is so effective that the two worlds are inseparable. Companies can use sports emotions to communicate with their customers while also creating their image.

Recruiting sponsors by sports organizations is not an easy task. This is partly because sports organizations compete not only with themselves, but also with a wide range of entertainment. – Organizations that put their fans first and shape their knowledge about them through technological solutions, create and skillfully use databases, can reach sports fans in a personalized way, and thus – provide sponsors a direct reach to a selected target group in the emotional environment of a sporting event. Such sports organizations are certainly more attractive to sponsors than those based solely on the display of the logo and advertising equivalent, Rożenek informs.

Amateur sports and less popular disciplines that are not widely televised have the most difficulty obtaining sponsorship money. – In these cases, it is essential to support smaller companies or regional companies, where sports sponsorship is part of the corporate social responsibility strategy – says Rożenek.

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