Iga Świątek’s mother breaks the silence. He confesses how the relationship with his daughter is

The tennis player from Raszyn goes like a spear and proves that it is not without reason leader of the WTA ranking† In the second round of the tournament Roland Garros certainly defeated Alison Riskewhich not only made her progress to the next stage of the competition, but also a great series extended and made a note 30th win in a row

At the press conference after the game She admitted that she is aware of her many wins, but that she does not focus on statistics, but on playing on the field. When asked about the secrets of being in good shape, she replied that it wasn’t just due to working with a trainer. Tomasz Wiktorowski† “I think it’s not just because of what I’ve implemented thanks to the new coach who wants me to play more aggressively, but also because of everything I’ve done.” I have exercised in the past† Suddenly it started to ‘click’. last season I have gained a lot of experiencewhich I now use accordingly. Added to this is an even better physical preparation “- she explained.

The last killer of Iga Świątek was gone

The first coach of hers is not surprised by the success of Świątek† “After seeing this little girl years ago, I already told you this is it incredible talent† I emphasized, I will do it again, that my colleagues close to me heard from me that she would be the world’s leading tennis player “- he says Arthur Szostaczko in an interview with TVP Sport.

She adds that her father is a big influence on Iga’s career. Actually, from the beginning, the tennis player’s education was aimed at becoming a professional player. Her sister had a similar opportunity, but she chose a different path. †Tom [Tomasz Świątek, tata Igi i Agaty] he wanted the girls to play tenniswhile my mother thought of a slightly different direction. Life wrote the script itself, because one is now number one in the world, and the other will soon be a dentist,” says the trainer.

She also took the floor swiateks motherwhich appears very rarely in the media. This is the second time like Dorota wiątek spoke publicly about her daughter. Before that she did it two months agobut things have changed since then.

Experts are concerned about Świątek. “It’s easy to make people brain water”

In an interview with Dariusz Faron of WP Sportowe Fakty Dorota Świątek admits she is proud of her daughter, has a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. However, he immediately points out that the road to the top was not easy at all, and was paid for by many sacrifices from home, social, school and professional circles. He reveals that she always supported both daughters† When they both played tennis, she accompanied them to European competitions and tournaments in Poland.

He remembers Iga’s youth and describes her as a daring, lively, spontaneous, very cheerful, communicative girl looking for challenges. According to her, this combination contributed to her daughter’s tennis successes. “Iga is such a ‘stage animal’, likes to draw attention† Being on stage has never bothered her. I need companionship, interaction, stimulation. They turn it on,” he says.

Iga watches matches on TV, does not attend matches. “Iga is now mature, independent and independent. He doesn’t have to go to tournaments with mom† He has his own team” – he explains and adds that “to support someone, you don’t have to be there physically.”

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Dorota wiątek she also explains that “she was a multitasking mom” and that she spent a lot of time at work in the dental chair (she is a dentist). So she could”provide daughters with extensive development“and finance them travel for holidays and winter holidays, as well as travel through Poland and Europe.

When asked about current relationship with Igareplies that “always congratulates her daughter won titles, most often by email

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The sportswoman’s mother admits that in life she didn’t expect her daughter to be the best tennis player in the world† During the first practice, it was not known what aptitude she had, although Dorota Świątek liked her daughter’s game from the start. “I saw freedom and creativity in her, she wasn’t afraid to take risks, she experimented on the track. She was unpredictable to her rivals† I saw that she was suitable for this and that she could do it all with unprecedented ease, but it was not known what level she would reach,” she says.

Another rather difficult aspect of the sports career is the fact that the tennis player had to give up meeting with family and friends. Training, preparation and competitions were time consuming. Dorota Świątek summarizes it briefly: her daughter knew what she was writing for. †The daughters were aware that this path brings sacrifices† Iga had to practically give up her social life. She missed school trips, name days, relatives’ birthdays, friends, vacations… She often said she missed it. But from the start she knew the price of success† The day can’t be stretched,” he explains.

When asked, how does a woman define hers? role in Iga’s sports developmentmakes it clear.

There were also natural fears at Świątek’s house. they delivered health issues and injuries† You never know if and when the body will refuse to obey. Iga has such an experience behind her. But after an injury break, she came back stronger and “won the French Open junior in doubles and the junior Wimbledon singles.” This reassured her mother.

Now he gets many congratulations from all kinds of people for “upbringing and education of daughters“And her greatest joy is watching Iga acquire new skills and use them in the game.” he matures emotionallyshe sees more on the field, can concentrate longer, has learned to use the properties of the surface on which the game is played”- she explains.

Finally, she concludes that her goal was to Agata and Iga they grew up to be independent, independent women, wives and mothers. †I hope they will be“- he says.

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