How did he do it?! Pole – the leader of the battle for the world championship!

“In Poland they would not take up such a job”. And very good! It is neither safe nor interesting. We are of course talking about the muddy ground in the first half of the competition. With the following races, their route gradually began to return to normal, and even exciting races were possible at the end of the tournament. However, the prologue of the tournament was a real challenge to the eye, a show that started at the pace of the famous movie “Death in Venice”. Many participants – unfortunately, especially those with a white and red flag on their stock tie – had huge problems mounting motorcycles for skidding, not to mention racing effectively.

The youngest in the competition, Wiktor Przyjemski, was the most disappointed. The Polonia Bydgoszcz’s legendary announcer, Jerzy Matuszak, tried to justify his club’s biggest diamond with his wrist strained after a fall in Krosno. Unfortunately this is a bad explanation. Since then, the 17-year-old has had many great performances in both the eWinner 1st League and the Polish Junior Team Championship. At the competition meeting in Zielona Góra, he was even the leader of the Gryfów team, and the track at Wrocławska 69 that day was very demanding for Polish standards. The local torommaster poured plenty of water over him.

Przyjemski failed to finish in three races. In the fourth set of starts, Celina allowed Liebmann to get through the first lap. Seeing the rear of the German representative, the citizen of Bydgoszcz noticed an extremely suspicious-looking defect on the motorcycle. In the end, he finished in a somewhat embarrassing seventeenth place. Keep in mind, however, that the 17-year-old still has plenty of time to gain experience and his sporting form is sure to grow with each subsequent tournament.

The Polish favourites, 21-year-old Jakub Miśkowiak, Mateusz Świdnicki and Wiktor Lampart, also gave the impression of being completely lost. It took neither of them much effort to reach the semi-finals! This was not allowed by the gold medal defender, who has been driving to the best of his ability from the third series of starts. He made 8 points off the two plums scored at the start, eventually finishing the game in seventh place.

Someone loses, so someone has to win. Young people with much lesser-known surnames benefited from the Polish crisis. In such unusual circumstances of the adventure, they got an extra discount from the less developed countries of speedway, where they often had to race on neglected, muddy and dangerous facilities. The Danes, Timi Salonen from Finland and the representatives surprised many bookmakers today. The most unfortunate is probably Jan Kvech from Prague, who had a good chance of making the podium, but in the final race his ignition fuse “blowed out”. An unfortunate defect deprived him of the opportunity for an unforgettable moment of euphoria in front of his own audience.

On the demanding surface, however, 19-year-old Francis Gusts from Latvia was the absolute best. Betard Sparta Wrocław’s competitor gave the impression of driving on a track as smooth as a table. It’s as if the mud dries up at the sight of his front wheel and the holes close on their own. His mood was only ruined by Mateusz Cierniak. If you recognize a real man after he finishes, the representative of Motor Lublin has passed the high school final exam.

In the second set of starts he made a painful fall, but he still managed to get through to the semi-finals in which he finished second. The three-man final also did not go to his liking, but in the last round he almost repeated Bartosz Zmarzlik’s action from two earlier. Entering the final corner, he successfully crowed under Francis Gusts’ elbow, forcing the Czechs gathered in the Markt to listen to Mazurka Dąbrowski a few minutes later.

Will the 20-year-old manage to maintain the lead in the general classification? Which compatriots will join him in the lead? How will an annoyed Francis Gusts react? What can the still young Wiktor Przyjemski do? We won’t find out for a while. The next SGP2 tournaments will be held to coincide with the Grand Prix finals in Cardiff and Toru.

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