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Author: Krzysztof Sokal

Season for trips to the forest. In order to feel not only comfortable, but also safe in it, it is worth knowing what to do if a wild boar or wolf peeks from behind the trees, a viper appears in the road or catches a tick ” “. We advise how to act in an unusual situation in the forest.

1. Watch out for ticks!

These arachnids are especially active in spring and summer. When a tick bites us, it must be removed from the body as soon as possible. It is a simple and painless procedure that does not require the help of a doctor. There are several articles available to help you remove the tick from the skin. It is best to gently grab it by the head with tweezers (never the torso) and pull it up slowly but firmly. The wound should be washed with a disinfectant and hands should be washed with soap and water.

However, it is better to protect yourself from ticks. Appropriate clothing helps with that. It is safest to wear long pants and a blouse with long sleeves. Bright suits are better, as the arachnid is more visible on them. High boots and a hat are also recommended. As a preventive measure, it is worth buying a suitable tick repellent at a pharmacy and sprinkle it on your clothes.

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2. When a viper bites, keep calm

Panic and fear in a bitten person increase the heart rate and spread the venom more quickly throughout the body. It is a good idea to immobilize the bitten limb to slow the spread of the venom. It is very important not to suck on the poison and not to cut the bite site, it can only be harmful! You should go to the doctor as soon as possible and he will probably give you the serum. A viper bite is rarely fatal, but the effects are unpleasant. Viper bites can be avoided. When the viper tries to scare off a would-be attacker, it collapses into the body, raises its head and hisses loudly. Then keep at least one meter away, do not make sudden movements and do not irritate her. Then the viper will not attack, and the man will calmly retreat, avoiding being bitten.

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3. Who meets a wild boar in the forest…

The forest is home to wildlife. Wild, that is, untamed, unaccustomed to human presence. We never know how such an animal will behave, so you need to be careful – get away to a safe distance as soon as possible. Forest animals usually avoid meeting people alone. They can be unpredictable during the mating season, and it can also be the case when we surprise the mother with the young in a situation where she cannot escape quickly. How to reduce the chance of encountering wild animals? Forest animals have an excellent sense of smell and can perceive our scent from a distance. Our deodorants, perfumes and soaps are particularly unpleasant for them. Therefore, for your own safety, let’s take care of hygiene, but do not overdo it with cosmetics when planning a trip to the forest.

4. Let’s not try to be heroes during a fire

We must respond as soon as possible. Granted, a small fire can sometimes be put out by one person, but if the fire spreads, don’t try to put it out yourself. It’s enough for us to become heroes if we quickly call the fire brigade. When reporting a fire, give your full name, explain as precisely as possible where the forest is burning and hang up if you know that the report has been accepted. We must also alert the nearest forest inspectorate. During a fire, let’s take care of our own safety – let’s run as fast as possible so that the escape route is not blocked by fire!

5. Let’s not underestimate the storm in the forest

Storms are often accompanied by high winds that can break branches and topple trees. It is very dangerous, so it is worth taking shelter in a young forest, not under old trees. During lightning discharges, turn off the aerial devices (radio, mobile phone) immediately. If we are above the top edge of the forest, it is best to sit down with your feet folded and tucked under you on a backpack or loose rock, large enough, lying on the grass, away from the neighboring rocks. You are not allowed to lean your back against the rocks. A waterproof jacket always comes in handy on a longer trip.

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