End of the season and the coronation of a new king? It is possible

It’s going to be a great day for basketball in Wrocław. The question is whether it will end with a great party or maybe a dead silence? The fifth, perhaps the last game of the final of the Energa Basket League between Śląsk Wrocław and Legia Warszawa will start at 8:40 PM.

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Will it be the day when we will meet the new Polish champion? WKS Śląsk Wrocław has everything it takes to celebrate the title again after a 20-year hiatus. However, the task seemed easy, as taking this last step was often the most difficult.

However, the overcrowding of the audience in the Centennial Hall will count on the 2003 canceled “18th” to finally take place. With a “light” slip, but still. Expectations are high, but…

Legia Warsaw came not just for a trip to the capital of Lower Silesia. Anyway, before the last series, Łukasz Koszarek had a clear message. – I was eighteen years ago and I do not plan to do more – he admitted honestly.

SEE VIDEO Great return to KSW. Will this be the organization’s future champion?

The Warsaw team desperately needs him, especially his effectiveness. A veteran quarterback in the last series has 8/27 of the game, including 4/18 from behind the arc – he averaged one “three” in each game. In game number four, he had an open attempt at extra time, but a shot in line with the final siren failed to reach the target. “Koszi” just sighed.

There was no happy ending in Warsaw. Will it be in Wroclaw? – We have won twice this season in Wrocław. We want to do this for the third time. We don’t turn our heads, we will fight, we don’t want to end the season on Friday – Legia coach Wojciech Kamiński says directly.

Looking at the results of both teams in the 2022 play-offs, Legia is not in a lost position. Suffice it to say that Silesia in Wrocław at this stage has a balance of 3:3 and Legia is gone…5:1.

To dream of an extension of the fight, you need at least two things. Robert Johnson, who throws a record number of times in this final (83 attempts in four games, 42 percent success). At the end of the last game he missed his last six attempts and that is one of the reasons why Legia failed to tip the balance.

Johnson will celebrate his 27th birthday on Friday. What gift is she dreaming about? I don’t think you need to convince anyone. What is the second factor? It’s easy.

74:28 – This is what the quick attack points scored look like. Of course in favor of Silesia. Kamiński has reiterated time and again from the start of the series that stopping this element of the game from Wrocław residents is key. The assumptions are there, but either they don’t work, or they don’t carry out his accusations, because Silesia is on the hunt for the title.

Andrej Urlep has his trump card here, namely Travis Trice. He is without a doubt the key figure of the Wrocław club. It touches, drives and activates colleagues – what more could you want? His brother D’Mitrik Trice is also doing better, which turned out to be an excellent alternative to Kodi Justice. It throws, but cannot hit.

If we talk about brothers, he invites to the fifth meeting … the better of the Kanter brothers, ie Enes. A special video appeared on the social media of Silesia. The former player of clubs like Portland Trail Blazers and New York Knicks admitted to following the playoffs in the Energa Basket League and admired the atmosphere in Hala Stulecie.

– Let’s do it – he says at the end. And Kerem Kanter will certainly do everything in his power to make it happen.

One thing is certain. The Centennial Hall will once again witness a major basketball event. While it won’t end, it’s a big thing that the basket returned to this facility this season.

WKS Śląsk Wrocław – Legia Warsaw / Friday May 27, p.m. 20:40

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