PBP 7. Victory can open the way for Iglesias to great fights

Isaac Chilemba. The name known to boxing fans all over the world. He flew to Poland from Johannesburg in South Africa via Doha in Qatar. Together with the three-man staff they flew 14 hours. On Saturday at 1 pm they were in Warsaw and at 10 am the next day they appeared in the boxing room of the Olympic Preparation Center in the Legia Warszawa box.

– Together with my manager and trainer Sean Smith, we considered taking on the young man who has only made five professional appearances. The fact that we come to Poland for the first time was determined by the titles, belts, which are included in the WBA Inter-Continental and IBO International in super average weight – says Isaac Chilemba.

Fact. Why Chilembie fight the much less experienced Osleys Iglesias? Winning doesn’t do much, and losing costs a lot. Getting the straps is tempting, so take the risk. And the Malawi boxer wants to feel the championship atmosphere again. He fought for these major titles more than once. In 2010, he became IBO federation world champion in super average weight. He was twice the WBC International Light Heavyweight Champion.

He won with Maxim Vlasov. Associated with Tony Bellew. He lost, but on points, the championship fight with Sergiej Kovaliow, conqueror of Saul Alvarez, Dmitry Bivoł and Eleider Alvarez also in the light heavyweight category. He fought his last two super middleweight bouts, one of which tied him with former world champion Fedor Czudinov. It has been a long time since there has been a fighter in Poland so experienced, not in the number of fights, but in their sporting value. “Golden Boy” fought a total of 37 professional fights.

In this case, Osley’s Iglesias’ oeuvre is pale. The Cuban has only had five professional duels. Two for Polsat Boxing Promotions. But does it matter?

– Believe me, there was no player in Poland with such sporting potential. With such skills – describes the trainer of world champions, vice president of PBP Fiodor Łapin. And Iglesias himself confirms that he feels very strong.

– As usual, I am preparing in Germany with coach Georg Bramowski. And we always make up for a championship fight. I know of Chilemba’s experience. Good thing he fought for the belts. It motivates me and guarantees a good match. I respect him, but I know I’m ready to fight for the key belts – assures Osleys Iglesias, who parried for Friday’s fight, among other things. with Paweł Stępień.

Osleys Iglesias, who lives and trains in Germany, even has an aura of success. He is known for his exploits in Olympic boxing, in which he even defeated the world champion. He chose Poland because he wants to win Olympic gold for us in Paris. However, this prospect proved too vague and he was born to win. He won all five fights beforehand, and in the last one, as a schoolboy, destroyed Robert Racz, who was considered rock solid. The Slovak was terrified after the fight, as he had only two defeats before the gala in Wrocław and none before. Iglesias finished it in less than a lap. Ihosvany Garcia, also a Cuban who is a sensation in the Polish rings, compared to his compatriot, said he was a level below Osleys.

There is no doubt that we are dealing with talent. A talent that has everything to gain and nothing to lose in the battle against Chilemba. A defeat at the beginning of a career, with such an experienced rival as a competitor from Africa, will not be a shame. Style is of course also important. Winning, even ineffective, gives you a real chance to fight for the main title.

But how? A fight for the title in only the seventh professional game? In the case of the WBA, it is possible. The super champion of this federation is Saul Alvarez. And the regular champion… David Morrell Jr., who won the title in just his fourth appearance. And he had already defended it! In 2015, while still in Olympic boxing, he lost on points to… Osleys Iglesias! Therefore, if a boxer from the PBP group were to win with Isaac Chilemba, win the WBA Inter-Continental belt, the chances of fighting for the main trophy of this federation would be very high. In a purely sporting dimension, because it is clear that money and deals are also at stake. As it is in boxing.

I suspect it could be a bit more difficult with Chilemba. Although he is in Poland for that. To win the belts and thus win a championship chance. One in turn.

The regular IBO champion is now undefeated in 16 fights by Lerrone Richards, the Briton who has fought all his fights in England. Winning the fight on Saturday and winning the federation title also presents great opportunities. Maybe more for Chilemba, who was a long time ago, but still the IBO champion in the super average category. There is also nothing to cheat. However, the WBA Inter-Continental Belt is a tastier snack because, as much as it would work to weaken its prestige (and it does at its best), the WBA is still one of the four major federations in professional boxing. IBO is right behind her.

A horse in a row that will predict the outcome of this duel. Iglesias unproven with such a rival, but exceptional talent and professionalism! And he knows how the “Golden Boy” fights, who again knows next to nothing about Iglesias.

Chilemba is 33 years old. Of the eight defeats, he had only one ahead of schedule, and almost all of them happened in the battle for the titles. Assuming they’re both going to be at their best, we can expect a wonderful show. All indications are that in this battle we will see a future contender for the world championship in the super average weight.

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