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What happened in Płock was beyond human comprehension. If you fall in love with handball, it will be after this match for the Polish championship.

Marcin Gorczynskic

handball players Łomża VIVE Kielce

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If anyone tried to picture the craziest, most spectacular and most dramatic clash between Orlen Wisła Płock and Łomża Vive Kielce before the match, he wouldn’t even have a chance to predict what will happen in the Orlen Arena. The human mind could not comprehend all the events in Płock and it is still difficult to comprehend what we have experienced.

I’ve been following league handball for over ten years and I would have to dig deep to find someone who was kicked off the field in the first minute. After that, completely unheard of things happened. Red for Przemysław Krajewski for a shot to the head of Andreas Wolff, further exclusions for attacks on the face for Miguel Sanchez-Migallon, Leon Susnja and Tomasz Gębala … from these decisions. Maybe that’s why we managed to capture the hot spots and avoid the battles in the air.

First of all, the game was defended in a sporting manner. The league powers provided the greatest spectacle in the recent history of the Super League, they made the tournament famous all over the continent, because today there is nothing else in Europe. Andreas Wolff performed wonders in goal and should be carried in their hands by his colleagues, because without his performance Orlen Wisła would have followed the blow and probably not have claimed the title. After all, Łomża Vive was so weak that the Oilers led 16:11 and started a small celebration in the stands.

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One can complain that Xavier Sabate was unable to re-seal the title. Until now, those less supportive of him reminded him that six years ago he ‘wasted’ nine goals ahead in the Champions League final and gave birth to the then-Vive. Now came the second act of his coaching drama, though he could play back for that – after all – insult.

So many dry facts. It wasn’t up to the championship again, but the Spaniard is on his way to the top. He did a fantastic job in Płock for four years. He transformed the middle class into a top European team, created in his own way. If Wisła took the title away, legends would have sprung up about his tactical plan. omża Vive, who scared the whole of Europe with his firepower, was sometimes completely suppressed by the defense. The team from Kielce took just 29 shots against nearly 40 rivals! And this despite losing three primary defenders. Whatever Sabate had in store – after the first half he was able to throw the plots in the basket.

Probably there will be long discussions, what would happen if … Well, there are so many assumptions that it is not known where to start. After all, any of the incredible five red cards could have turned the tide of the game. Thus, the absence of Przemysław Krajewski forced the return to the right wing of Michał Daszek and the insertion of David Fernandez on the right. Throughout the season, the Spaniard healed longer than he played and more deranged than Wisła helped.

Let’s move on. Unused against Lovro Mihicia with a score of 15:11, which could have knocked Łomża Vive down or Wisła’s unfortunate serial wasted penalties. Wolff caught a whopping four and despite anger, Sergei Kosorotov ended up beating the post twice.

The worst for Wisła probably started with the injury of Niko Mindega. De Wisla played as the Spanish conductor had ordered him. Suddenly, fifteen minutes before the end, the Oilers’ hearts were ripped out. The pump stopped pumping blood and everything collapsed. Maybe the psyche too, because the image of Mindega being lifted off the dance floor with (probably) a serious knee injury could be etched in the memory. It took a few minutes for the Vistula to shake off his sedation. Dima Zhytnikov, although he tried, did not replace the Spaniard on a 1: 1 scale.

Glory to the inhabitants of Kielce that they came out of such oppression, played medium or weak with long fragments, given their abilities. You can sing about Wolff with delight, the German held the level for 60 minutes, but what would happen if the acrobat Dylan Nahi was not there? The Frenchman saved the hopeless ball at 6:15 pm as if someone had just taken him out of the Cirque de Soleil performance. As if that wasn’t enough, he played exactly on Arkadiusz Moryta and the team from Kielce caught the goal contact.

Behind us is the best advertisement for Polish football anyone can imagine. Everything was here and more. Regardless, Wisła has its best shot at the title in 11 years and it is unknown when the Oilers will be that close. Finally, next year in Kielce, another influx of European football stars.

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