Putin has caught up. Kaszlinska and Maltsevskaya leave Russia for Poland

It was recently officially announced that one of the world’s leading chess players, the Russian grandmaster Alina Kaszlinskashe will not fight in the colors of Russia, but of Poland† Formal matters were completed and The International Chess Federation agreed to this

Kaszlinska has a private relationship with Poland. Her husband is a Polish grandmaster. He is very proud that his wife will now perform under the white-red flag. “We are very happy that in Poland she met such enthusiasmwe really appreciate it “- he said on Twitter Radek Wojtaszek

Earlier the PZSzach training head took the floor Michael Bartelwhich made it clear that Alina’s decision was related to the war caused by Russia. †Russia’s aggression against Ukraine made Kaszlinska no longer want to represent this country† We gladly accepted her application, because she is a world-class competitor who has lived in Poland for several years, has no problems communicating in our language and is very nice “- he said in an interview with PAP.

The change of Kaszlinska’s colors did not go unnoticed in Russia. The case is heating up the Russiansbecause it just turned out that another Russian chess player with the FIDE International Master title, the European Under-14 Champion and the World Under-20 Champion, decided to take the same step, Alexander Maltsevskaya† On the FIDE website, her name was changed from Russian to Polish.

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The Russians close their eyes to the truth in their own style. Despite the clear statement of Michał Bartel and the chess player herself (after the start of the war in Ukraine, she said on social media: “I am ashamed of the land of the aggressorI was born in. Pain and helplessness. Only stop the war“) claim that Alina Kaszlinska’s decision has nothing to do with politics† “To a certain extent, her decision can be understood, because she has lived with her husband in Poland for many years. Apparently, she decided to legalize it” – he assesses Sergei Kariakin quoted by “Sports Express”. The former chess player speaks in the same tone, Anatoly Karpovi† “After all, Kaszlinska has a Polish husband. There’s nothing wrong with her. It’s her choice,” she says.

A deputy of the State Duma also took the floor, Dmitry Swishchov† “I think there is no need to politicize this matter here. In many countries that have nothing to do with Russia or Ukraine, transfers of athletes for family and personal reasons are common. In addition, her husband is Polish. Everything makes a lot of sense here So let’s not make it a sensational political maneuver“- enchants reality in VseProSport.

It is much more difficult for the Russians to explain the departure of 19-year-old Aleksandra. In her case, they can no longer apologize for family ties. They feel the loss very much for her as well as for Alina. †It’s a shame that our country loses such talents– Russian journalists write.

Even though Kariakin, Karpov and Sishchov try to smear their eyes, there was one thing noted in the media there that gave rise to reflection. After all, chess players can compete as neutral players. So changing the flag from Russian to Polish or any other flag is not a necessity at all† But it could be a symbol of disagreement with what Russia is doing in Ukraine.

“This is just the beginning mass migration of Russian athletes“,” It’s going to be fun when some Szczerbakowa does the same. Our sport will just collapse– Russian Internet users responded.

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