Non-shooting striker. In Ekstraklasa this species is very much alive

Especially for the text we have made a table with attackers who had major problems with scoring last season. A condition for being in it? No more than two league goals per season and a minimum of 270 minutes on the field. This is the equivalent of at least three full-time matches, but in reality there is no player in the table with less than 7 appearances. And only two more with less than 10 games played.

The exception to the ranking is presence Sebastian Musiolik. The Raków striker scored 3 goals in the season, but with a whopping 28 league appearances (including 12 from the first minute) in the team fighting for the Polish championship is also an “excellent” achievement. The selection of the attackers to Raków Częstochowa is indeed very puzzling.

Across the Ekstraklasa, we found 7 strikers regularly appearing on the pitch, but they finished the season without a single hit. Two of them play in Raków. This one Jakub Arak and Alexandre Guedes

The case of Arak is astonishing. Marek Papszun sent the forward 18 times, which allowed him to play in 5 matches in other competitions as well. Effect? 0 goals. The question is how such a footballer ever ended up in a team with championship aspirations. In the past four seasons, Arak has scored a total of 2 league goals…

He also didn’t score a goal in 8 games Alexandre Guedes and the winners of the Polish Cup decided to terminate the contract with him in December. He also didn’t score a goal in two games Ilya Shrukin, and Pedro Vieira he didn’t even come on the field.

Therefore, the only striker from Raków, who guaranteed a fairly regular scoring of goals, was Vladislav Gutkovsky, goalscorer 9 goals. It’s also a result that’s a long way from championship ambitions, but it has to be admitted honestly that scoring goals isn’t always a priority task for Marek Papshun. He is a coach who likes tall, brave and good strikers. People who can play on the wall and open up a place for friends – which he has used diligently this season Ivi Lopezeventually the top scorer in Ekstraklasa.

Another team that stayed in the championship game almost to the end was Pogoń Szczecin. And maybe she’d have a better chance if… Piotr Parzyszek took a target shooting with Luka Zahovic (11 goals). However, the Polish champion with Piast all season only … 1 hit. Parzyszek is the only striker in Ekstraklasa who took 1000 minutes on the pitch to score a single goal.

The striker with the most minutes without a goal, on the other hand, is Roman Gergel by Bruk-Betu Termaliki. The Slovak, unlike Parzyszek, is not a classic “nine”, but he has also played in this position this season and in many games during his career. The record of 935 minutes in 19 games without a goal is compromising.

They did just as bad Karol Podlinskic by Zagłębie Lubin and Patryk Tuszynskic by Wisła Płock. They both booked 20 league games without a single goal in the season!

The experienced did not do well Maciej Jankowski (12 games without a goal), who exchanged Stal Mielec for Wieczyła Kraków in the winter. The transfer to Piast Gliwice also turns out to be a flop Rauno Sappinen, the two-time top scorer of the Estonian league. So far, he has not scored any goals in 8 matches.

Ekstraklasa’s least effective attackers of the 2021/22 season

Name Club goals Matches minutes wed minutes / goal
Roman Gergel Bruk-Bet 0 19 935
Kacper Podlinskic beaks 0 20 620
Patryk Tuszynskic Wisła Plock 0 20 511
Maciej Jankowski steel 0 12 456
Rauno Sappinen piast 0 8 369
Jakub Arak rakow 0 18 347
Alexandre Guedes rakow 0 8 280
Piotr Parzyszek Pursue 1 27 1010 1010
Dominik Steczyk Piast / Sta 1 23 947 947
Mateusz Kuzimskiz guard 1 22 826 826
Rivaldinho Krakow 1 19 800 800
Micha Zyro Piast / Jagiellonia 1 16 730 730
Kacper piewak Bruk-Bet 2 28 1351 675.5
Jan Kliment Wisla Krakow 2 22 1344 672
Andrzej Trubeha jagiellonia 1 24 658 658
Marcos Alvarez Krakow 1 10 553 553
Zdenek Ondraszek Wisla Krakow 2 14 906 906
Mahir Emrelic Legion 2 15 868 434
Felicio Brown Forbes Wisla Krakow 2 18 848 424
Tomas Zajic beaks 2 10 687 343.5
Filip Balaj Krakow 1 10 331 331
Sebastian Musicolik rakow 3 28 900 300
Filip PiszczekI Cracovia / Jagiellonia 2 13 564 282
Alexander Kolev steel 1 7 276 276

Piast brought in Sappinen and Kamil Wilczek in the winter, having previously knocked out two attackers. As history has shown – rightly so. Dominik Steczyk after 12 games without a goal for Piast, he moved to Stal Mielec in the winter. There he was the main attacker, he played in 11 games and finally achieved his goal – he scored his only goal this season. He needed “only” 947 minutes for this, so less than 16 consecutive hours on the field.

The maintenance of the 23-year-old striker on the surface of Ekstraklasa is a bit puzzling. In three seasons, he scored only five goals, averaging every … 635 minutes. And even more vividly, it took him more than two days of continuous running across the pitch to score those five goals.

After only four games without a goal, Piast also said goodbye Micha Zyra† He moved to Jagiellonia, where – like Steczyk – he “broke” and scored the only goal of the season. And this by playing a total of “only” 730 minutes, so almost 200 minutes less than Steczyk.

Exactly, Jagiellonia. The best scorer of the Białystok club without any competition was Jesus Imaz, who dealt with an injury for most of the season and mostly played as an attacking midfielder. They failed Fyodor Czernycho (4 goals), or Bartosz Bidac (3), but the biggest disappointment turned out to be Andrzej Trubeha. In 24 games, he managed to direct the ball into the opponent’s goal only once.

In desperation, “Yaga” even reached for Filip PiszczekI from Cracovia, a striker known for not scoring goals. This season he scored “equally” two, but both still in the colors of “Belts”.

In this way we move smoothly to Cracovia. She was also looking for an attacker all season, but did not find him. They ended the season with just one goal on their own account – Rivaldinho (19 games), Filip Balaj (10 games) and Marcos Alvarez (10 games). The Krakow club canceled the contract with the latter due to being overweight and failing to fulfill its obligations…

Surprisingly, the teams that dropped out of the league usually had a good striker in their ranks – Bruk-Bet had Muris Mesanovic and Górnik Łęczna Bartosz Śpiączka (both scored 11 goals), but Wisła Kraków missed such a sniper. Suffice it to say that the most successful goalscorer in the winter was sold Yaw Yeboah (5 goals), and the second in this regard was the stopwatch Michal Frydrych (4 goals) …

Jan Kliment started his adventure with “Biała Gwiazda” with two goals in four games, and then … he only scored at the end of the season. His last goal was August 13, 2021! In total, he has since scored a 1050-minute streak without a goal.

They also finished the season with two goals Felicio Brown Forbes (18 games, 848 minutes) i Zdenek Ondraszek (14 games, 906 minutes). With such a balance of attackers, it’s not surprising that Wisła fell to the 1st division with a bang.

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