The largest animals in the world. Where can you meet them? You can find them in the sea and on land

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The largest animals in the world: found in water and on land

What are the largest animals in the world? The presence of real giants in seas and oceans is not so surprising. However, it turns out that terrestrial or aquatic animals are not among the top ten largest animals in the world. However, it is worth noting that water gives real giants much more opportunities. After all, it is quite difficult to imagine a blue whale weighing 136 tons that would live on the surface. There are no bones that can withstand such a load. By comparison, Argentinosaurus, which is probably the largest dinosaur that ever lived, weighed “only” about 70 tons.

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The largest animals in the world: a list without limits

What are the largest animals in the world? The list includes, without limitation, only aquatic organisms. The top ten includes:

  1. Blue whale (confirmed about 136 tons; estimated up to 170 tons);
  2. Japanese whale;
  3. southern whale;
  4. common whale;
  5. greenland walnut;
  6. North Atlantic right whale;
  7. sperm ceti;
  8. ocean long finch;
  9. Melanoma whale;
  10. Gray swimmer.

The blue whale is the largest known living animal on our planet. It is possible that in history there was no greater one on Earth. This giant living in the open ocean zone not only weighs a little more than 170 tons, but is also 33 meters long. It is interesting that such a huge animal feeds mainly on plankton, that is, small organisms that float in water. During the day he eats 4 tons of it.

The blue whale can be seen off the coast of the Canary IslandsThe blue whale can be seen off the coast of the Canary Islands photo: Shutterstock

At the same time, the blue whale is the largest mammal on Earth. His newborn weighs 2700 kg and is 7 meters long. He drinks 200 to 300 liters of breast milk per day. Whales live up to 80 years and can travel at speeds of up to 50 km/h.

The largest animals in the world: ranking of the land giants

What do the largest land animals in the world look like against the backdrop of giant whales? It is worth classifying these creatures separately, because despite their enormous size, they cannot compete with species living in the vast oceans. The top ten will consist of:

  1. African elephant (max. weight is 10 tons);
  2. Indian elephant;
  3. forest elephant;
  4. white rhinoceros;
  5. Indian Rhinoceros;
  6. Hippopotamus;
  7. Javan rhinoceros;
  8. black rhinoceros;
  9. Giraffe;
  10. Indian gaur.

African elephants bathe in a river in UgandaAfrican elephants bathe in a river in Uganda Photo Shutterstock

The African elephant, although it is the largest land animal in the world, can in no way compete with the whale in terms of weight. An adult male weighs about 6,000-10,000 kg. Nevertheless, this species of elephant is absolutely respectable.

The largest animals in the world: a record-breaking bird

What else are the largest animals in the world worth getting to know? It is well worth paying attention to the birds that surround us every day. Which of them can surprise you with their weight? There’s no surprise in the top five, as ostriches and cassowary are prevalent here. The place is somewhat of a surprise 5. We are talking about the following huge birds:

  1. African ostrich (weight up to approx. 157 kg with a height of 210 cm);
  2. southern cassowary;
  3. northern cassowary;
  4. Emu
  5. emperor penguin

African OstrichAfrican Ostrich photo: Łukasz Żoładź / Agencja

An interesting fact is that only a few of the lists of the top ten birds include the most magnificent predator. However, it is worth paying attention to the Great Harpy, because this bird is extremely beautiful and majestic.

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The largest animals in the world: insects

What else is worth getting to know the largest animals in the world? Insects cannot compete with the crowd, even with an ostrich, but the most impressive evoke admiration, and sometimes disgust.

The largest insects in the world are:

  • vets,
  • Megaloblatta longipennis,
  • Titan giant,
  • Dynasties Hercules,

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