Kamil Kosowski was ashamed of Błaszczykowski’s words. He doesn’t bite his tongue

First he saved the club from complete collapse, now he’s one of the fathers the fall of Wisła Kraków from Ekstraklasa† Assessment of management activities Jakub Błaszczykowski is not unambiguous. He is a legend for the fans of the “White Star”, although recent events have left a significant scratch on the image of the football player.

When the Wisla is in terrible style? they lost to Radomiak Radom (they led to a point with two goals) and sealed their relegation to the first division, Jaroslaw Krolewskic and Tomasz Jażdżyński they spoke quickly and publicly apologized for this turn of events. But the third of the co-owners remained silent

The question of his reticence had become apparent just before that the match with Warta PoznańBłaszczykowski picked up the microphone, stepped to the center of the pitch and addressed the fans sitting in the stands† He apologized and said he wasn’t afraid to take responsibility. “It’s damn hard for me, but I’ll do anything – I know it doesn’t sound right now – but I will do my best to bring the Vistula back where it belongs† I really know I’m screwing up,” he said, then heard thunderous applause.

Not everyone liked this statement. Kuba was criticized by Kamil Kosowskionce a pillar of the “White Star”.

Chaos in the Vistula! It shouldn’t have happened

according to Kosowski Błaszczykowski’s statement was not specific, or explanations why the 13-time Polish champion leaves the top division. “Over the course of the season, we have often seen and said that the pride before the fall moves forward. Many things in Wisła did not work and it was appropriate to explain to the fans why the White Star fell† And the club’s co-owner, trying to cheer fans up and amplify his message with vulgarisms, stepped onto the field. In my opinion it only weakened him and I am personally ashamed of it† Maybe it will go to 20-year-olds, but not to adult fans,” he announced in “Przegląd Sportowy”.

The former footballer claims that “Błaszczak” should think carefully about the form of his speech. He argues that it is not appropriate for the co-owner of the club to express himself in this way in public. The wire also signaled President of Dawid Błaszczykowski

“Kosa” has more than once proved that the fate of the Vistula is still in his heart. When it became clear that Wisła was relegated to the first division, he published his on Twitter vintage photo in “White Star” T-shirt† “Nothing will ever change about this subject,” he said.

Wisła President Dawid Błaszczykowski: I know the word “sorry” is not enough

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