The Polish volleyball player delighted the world. “Tear Explosion”

In the final in Ljubljana ZAKSA gave a real concert† He was a great conductor of the band’s performance Marcin Januszhe scored important points per block Lukasz Kaczmarekbut it was Semeniuk who played most effectively. He scored 27 points, attacked brilliantly, with a success rate of 74%. It was his hand that beat the last ball of the final.

He received compliments even during the match. On Twitter, he was appreciated by Australian volleyball player, among others Igor Yudin or a former Polish representative, and today a coach Jakub Bednaruk† Polish fans went even further, calling him the best volleyball player in the world. The activists who presented him with the MVP award after the game were also impressed by Semeniuk’s attitude.

A day came out when everything was “eating” in my performance† But I wasn’t the only one on the field. The whole team played a great game. It was not an easy meeting, we expected that we would have to sweat a lot. The atmosphere in the room was sweating. If the match were to be extended, we would probably have to ask for more T-shirts, the Polsat Sport recipient said after the match.

In the past two years, the nearly 26-year-old Semeniuk has become a leading figure in ZAKS and all Polish volleyball. He is a graduate of the Kędzierzyn team, but was not immediately recognized as a future star. Before he got into the first team, he was a member of the fan club and cheered the team on from the stands.

He made his way to big volleyball a little longer than his peers, he was loaned to Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie. But in the end, Semeniuk’s talent flashed like a diamond in his own backyard. He came out as an almost complete volleyball player: great in attack and in the service field, attentive in reception, accurate in the block. A year ago, he played one of the key roles in ZAKS’ triumph in the LM, then broke through into the Polish national team. Vital Heynen announced before the Tokyo Olympics that he would use proven humans, but for Semeniuk he made an exception.

This season, the host added a few new games to his repertoire and was a mainstay of the team that was the first in the history of Polish volleyball to win the so-called triple crown. Before the final in Ljubljana, she won the championship and the Polish Cup. In the match that marked the win in PlusLiga, Semeniuk also won the MVP of the match award.

Kamil is unique, the only one† He’s a real Curly. It’s great – Piotr Szpaczek, president of ZAKS, melts with praise.

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Itas Trentino was brought to his knees on Sunday. He overshadowed the star of rivals and the 20-year-old Italian team Alessandro Michieletto† It was Semeniuk who put an end to the main attacks and after the game he burst into tears of joy.

I have never felt such a natural explosion of tears in my eyes† It happened today, it’s weird. I owe a lot to the boys and the club. It was a pleasure to be part of this team. I couldn’t imagine that I would achieve so much with this band. Feelings came with redoubled force. There was my girlfriend at the game, my brother and my father, everyone burst into tears. We cry, but these are tears of emotion and happiness – he admitted after the meeting.

Such a great performance was Semeniuk’s last match in ZAKS. True, the volleyball player said in front of Polsat Sport’s camera that he did not want to talk about it on the vision. He only admitted that parting was possible. But he interrupted the conversation Lukasz Kaczmarekattacking teams of Kędzierzyn-Koźle.

Bravo MVP. supernatter, superman† We will miss him – a colleague Semeniuk fired.

From now on, the team from Trentino will have to watch out for Semeniuk more than once a year. Receiver it goes to Sir Safety Conad Perugia† So he becomes a club friend Wilfredo Leonaanother representative of Poland.

After a short rest, Semeniuk also comes to the training camp of the representation. He can play a leading role in the team rebuilt by Nikola Grbić. The Serb knows him very well from his work in ZAKS – it is under his leadership that the host jumped to the highest level.

The chances of Semeniuk and Grbić meeting at the club are getting smaller and smaller. It is true that the Serb was in charge of Perugia last season, but Italian media announce that there will be a coach change in the Umbrian capital† Serba can replace Gheorghe Cretu, the ZAKS championship coach, from this season.

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