Foundation in the fence – a whim or necessity? –

Are you planning to fence your property but not sure if you should use a foundation? Wondering if it’s an option or a necessity? If this number keeps you up at night, here are answers to your questions.

What is a foundation in a fence?
The most popular fencing systems today are panel fences. They are a great alternative to the once widely used mesh. They are inexpensive and at the same time aesthetically pleasing – in principle they match any decor and offer many set-up options. They are used in modern residential areas or for fencing private property and gardens. They fulfill their role perfectly in recreational areas such as playgrounds, parks, sports fields and even stadiums. Sometimes they are placed on concrete plinths, the so-called foundation, which can be poured from concrete into previously prepared strip foundations or from ready-made walls (so-called prefab elements). – The foundation can perform various functions, from aesthetic to stabilizing fencing. Investors often face a dilemma: what exactly does a foundation provide them and whether it is necessary? says Mr Aleksander, who manages the sale of fences produced at the LEGIPOL plant in Wałbrzych.

Can you give up the foundation?
– The panel fence is by definition a light and stable construction. Usually it does not require support as stabilization is ensured by columns concreted into the ground at the correct depth – describe the employees of LEGA – If we want to live in harmony with nature, it is worth giving up the foundation so as not to disturb the routes of small animals, such as hedgehogs. In addition, if we do not use a foundation, we can plant plants right next to the fence, which can become a frame for climbing plants. – they advise. The lack of a foundation, the fence itself makes it subtle. The foundation will not be useful when we want to fence off internal spaces, for example a playground in a park or in our own backyard, or when the fence is temporary, because without it it will be much easier to disassemble or move it.

When is a foundation a necessity?
There are situations where the use of a foundation is necessary. † This happens when we want to avoid visits from wild animals, such as martens or foxes, or when we have dogs of our own that could dig up the fence. This is probably the most common reason to use this solution with panel fences – a LEGA employee answers the question about the reasons for placing the fence on the foundation. † It should be remembered that using a foundation is basically a must when: it is necessary to stabilize the structure placed on a sloping or sloping or uneven ground. This makes it easier to prevent flooding or landslides – added Mr Aleksander. The foundation can also fulfill aesthetic functions. Covered with decorative stone or clinker, it can refer to the decorative motif used on the facade of the house.

Advantages and disadvantages of fences with a foundation
A fence without a foundation is undoubtedly a more economical solution, as it does not require additional material and labor costs, and the assembly itself is faster and easier. The lack of a foundation also makes it easier to disassemble the fence, does not disturb the ecosystem and allows you to easily separate zones within the plot. Such a fence is certainly friendly to people who value minimalism – it marks the border without limiting the view and does not give the impression of a heavy system – Inventory LEGA employees. The use of a foundation is very important and protects the fencing against damage in situations where the terrain is uneven, there is a risk of collapse or landslide. It is also a good stabilizing option for tall and heavy fences and a safe solution for pets trying to dig the fence.

Where can you find fences for the foundation?
An interesting range of universal panel fences, which can be installed with or without a foundation, can be found among the offers from the Wałbrzych manufacturer LEGA. † In order to ensure the safety of the fence with the foundation, we provide our customers with specially extended posts, concreting a sufficient length of the column in the ground, regardless of the height of the foundation adopted by the customer – describes Mr Aleksander. † It is very important to provide such information to the person preparing the valuation – he adds. On the LEGI website you can configure the fence, view some realized investments and browse the product catalog to tailor the fence to your needs. LEGA employees also invite you to visit the sales office in Świdnica at ul. Armii Krajowej 55.

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