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But before we refer to our archive, it’s worth listening to TOK360 for reptile plugs today as well. At 7:20 pm Adam Ozga will talk with Borys Kal – vice president of the Polish Association for Conservation of Nature Salamandra, head of the Chelonia program. In Wielkopolska, a new nature reserve is being created – the only naturally occurring representatives of this species in Poland. As part of the preparations, there are ornamental hive harvests, including the most famous red-eared earring, which pose a threat to native fauna and flora. Why are sheep being released into the area, what happens to the fattened pigs, how is the active protection of the nests and small workers? About that in a talk by Adam Ozgi in TOK360 – recap of the day.

Below we present a list of the most interesting conversations about our native breeds, their senses, about pop culture breeding, responsible terrariums and more.

he knows in the canal in Wrocaw, across the river as a symbol of a small sabotage, and much more

Recently, Jonathan, the symbol of St. Helen’s Island, turned 190 years old, becoming the oldest known animal in history as well as the oldest land animal in the world. Cezary Asiczka asks Prof. Ann Wjcick, geneticist at Warsaw Genomics, about when humans started, say 150 years old.

In Przedpoudniu, Aleksandra Kolanek, president of the NATRIX Herpetology Society, explained why the American towers were located in the city moat in Wrocaw.

In “Small and Big Journeys”, Przemysaw Iwaczyk hosted Newsweek journalist Aleksandr Pawlick, who told about her trip to the Galapagos Islands – the islands where the largest worlds live.

In the program “Jak z Dzieci” Bartomiej Gorzkowski talks about the responsibility for animals that we buy or adopt. This is especially important in the case of ornamental cages, hundreds if not thousands, that ended up in Polish ponds and lakes, because bored owners didn’t want to keep bigger and bigger animals.

In 2020, TOK FM organized the largest campaign in the history of Polish media on the occasion of World Christmas Day. The event partner was the Lublin Epicrates Foundation, which is active in the rehabilitation and care center for homeless exotic animals (including snails), which is part of the Lublin Animal Shelter.

The day will be opened by Maciej Zakrocki with a talk with doctor Karol Mazur of the Warsaw Uprising Museum – about the Wawel as a symbol of a minor sabotage, transport to and from German restaurants and to the homes of Warsaw residents.

On the “Wierz w Animal” program, Dorota Sumiska spoke with Karolin Mol Woniak, zookeeper at the Terrarium of Wrocaw Zoo, and Ann Mekarsk, president of the DODO Foundation. From the program you can learn how these reptiles perceive the world and that it is not so easy to provide them with the right conditions. The important problem of smuggling these animals was also discussed.

Bartomiej Pograniczny talks about who is in pop culture in the broadcast “It’s a waste of time with serials” by Anna Piekutowska and Zuzanna Piechowicz. He calls the series “Elementary”, the movie “Rocky”, the series “Teenage Mutant Ninja” and the game “Mario Bros”.

Ewa Podolska spoke about working days with Adam Hryniewicz, a herpetologist from the Warsaw Zoo, who is coordinating the reintroduction program in Mazovia.

In a special podcast, Bartomiej Pograniczny talks to reptile experts: The aforementioned Bartomiej Gorzkowski talks about invasive worms, a shelter for wi and why it is not a good idea at all to release reptiles into lakes. Radosaw Olszewski – Head of the Animal Breeding Center in the Polesie National Park, responsible for the success of the rescue program in Lublin, introduced the public to the life of the only naturally occurring world in Poland: the cow. Aleksandra Maluta – a veterinarian, specialist in diseases of non-domestic animals of the Oaza Clinic, author of a book and many articles on pigs – explains what we know about their senses and diseases. It also tells how 3D printing helps save injured animals. Finally, Wojciech Urynowicz – a veterinary technician, teacher, organizer of the Polish World War I celebrations in Krakow, author of books and articles on reptiles – showed that he knows that we have always been with us in the mythology of many cultures. Being a collector of various items with the image of a beehive, he also talks about stamps, coins and other sacred motifs.

The subtitles appeared several times in the broadcast “OFF Czarek”. One of the programs talked about the lizard and sleeper, who can easily play a finger or a whole hand.

“The first real one lives in Poland”. Paleobiologist Dr. Tomasz Szczycielski told Cezary Asiczka about his groundbreaking discovery. Near Porba he managed to find the shell of a thread from 215 million years ago. This is the first to develop full armor. A model from this link can be seen in the Evolution Museum in the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw.

Dr hab. Zuzanna Jakubowska-Vorbrich of the Institute of Iberian and Ibero-American Studies of the University of Warsaw spoke in the broadcast “OFF Czarek” about the history of the journey to Easter Island, Rapa Nui, and local legends, incl. about the legend of the girl and the uncle.

dr. Dorota Sumiska, one of the “Wierz w Animal” broadcasts, will be presented to reptiles native to Poland. He talked about grass snake, zigzag moth, but also grass-grey. There is also talk of exotic showers that get into water bodies in our country.

In the story of Przemysaw Iwaczyk, about the unseen that has not been seen for 100 years. The Galapagos Islands are home to several subspecies. One of them appears for the first time in 100 years – chelonoidis phantasticus. Piotr Piliczewski, a PhD student in the Faculty of Biology at the University of Szczecin, who studies the ecology and conservation of birds and reptiles, talks about how humans search and how it is possible that they have been successfully hiding for a century.

this is a common theme in culture. Film critic Adam Kruk spoke about the film “Czerwony in” Studio Ghibli in an interview with Patrycj Wanat.

Have a nice world day.

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