ZAKSA did it again! Historic achievement of the Polish team

A year ago, ZAKSA was a contender for the title, beating Itas 3:1. This time, she solved the case even faster. The inhabitants of Kędzierzyn-Koźle defended the title and confirmed their dominance in Europe. The win probably tastes better than last year. At the time, they played in an empty hall in Verona, this time joined by a large group of Polish fans.

ZAKSA started the meeting brilliantly. He quickly showed off a single block Krzysztof Rejno, the Polish team jumped back three points. Both playmakers wanted to start their mid-laners quickly, but it was more successful Marcin Janusz† Although the rivals equalized fairly quickly, ZAKS rebuilt their lead with the serve Lukasz Kaczmarek

He was great in defense and attack Kamil Semeniukand the benefit grew. However, in the middle of the set, the rivals came forward, leading to a 16:16 draw. Effective Defense Interventions Erik Shojic they helped Kędzierzyn-goers by two points before the end of the match. They didn’t let go of this advantage, they won 25:22.

The inhabitants of Kędzierzyn came to Ljubljana without Norbert Huber† The midfielder suffered an Achilles tendon injury at the end of a great season, which has left him out of the game for at least a few months. – We know who is on the other side that there are very talented and good volleyball players. But it doesn’t make a big impression on us. We want to win the final – Huber, however, argued before the match in an interview with Interia

He was replaced by Rejno, who failed to complete the first attack in the second game, but was soon given a chance by Janusz to repeat himself. This time, however, the two-point lead was taken by the Italians. He played better and better Alessandro Michieletto20-year-old Itasu star.

However, Kędzierzyn-Koźle’s players did not let their rivals lead calmly after the failed attack Matej Kazijskic it was the ZAKS players who won 15:13. Kaczmarek improved his efficiency and Semeniuk was consistently impressive. Volleyball players from Poland found their way to Michieletto and played to the end of the tournament, winning 25:20.

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like ZAKSA, Itas has undergone major changes for the season. Several stars left the band, incl. Simone Gianelli, Ricardo Lucarelli and Nimir Abdel-Aziz† Despite this, it was possible to create a team that again reached the finals of the main European competitions. Kazijski, 37, is in his second, or perhaps third, childhood. Although the team from Trentino did not reach the final in the competition, they unexpectedly eliminated Sir Safety Conad Perugia in European cups.

At the beginning of the third party, after the block Marko Podrascanina, Italians have again gained a two-point lead. However, such a result did not impress ZAKS. Shoji’s injury may have been a bigger problem as he twisted and turned on the dance floor for a moment in pain. However, it turned out to be just a contraction.

Despite everything, the rivals were one step ahead of the Kędzierzyn-Koźle region for a long time. They started to handle the attacks better Alexander Sliwka† However, Michieletto couldn’t handle the pressure. First he attacked in the car, after a while he ran into Kaczmarek’s block twice. The Polish team took the initiative for a while, but the Italians fought until the end. Janusz, on the other hand, struggled with the contraction, the rivals had a solid ball, but Semeniuk managed to wrestle himself from this suppression. It was they who won the grueling 32:30 advantage game and started the victory dance.

The Champions League victory is the culmination of a great season for ZAKS† She became the first Polish club with the so-called triple crown: previously she won the championship and the Polish Cup. There are more historical feats of arms. So far, no Polish club, regardless of discipline, has won the Champions League twice.

For the men’s final on the field in Ljubljana, volleyball players competed for victory in the Champions League. Imoco Conegliano with Joanna Wołosz in the squad lost 1:3 with VakifBank Istanbul

Its: Lavia, Lisinac, Michieletto, Sbertoli, Podrascacin, Kazijsji – Zenger (libero) and D’Heer, Pinali

ZAKSA: Kaczmarek, Rejno, Semeniuk, Janusz, Smith, Sliwka – Shoji (libero) and Kluth

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