Wisła’s captain of the future. “I never said I felt cheated”

Justyna Krupa, Interia: You are one of the Wisła players who has played the longest – of the current players – for the club from Krakow. Being one of the captains of this troubled Vistula team, made up of people from different countries and cultures, has been the biggest challenge of your career so far?

Michal Frydrych, Wisła Kraków defender: – This was the first time I was in a team of so many foreigners, it’s true. It’s not easy, but I think the start of this season wasn’t bad at all. At one point we even sat at the table. Later, however, we lost a lot to Lech in Pozna (0-5 – ed.). And then Wrocław, just as high with Silesia, home “home”. As a result, our confidence has gone down a lot. Later they managed to achieve better results in a few matches. However, it was a very difficult season. I am very sad and depressed. I have to say this is the worst season of my career. Someone wrote that I felt cheated…

Precisely. Where does this expression actually come from? You did not say such a thing in the interview after the game in Radom, but such a statement was found on some portals, causing confusion.

– I just said that when I got to Wisła I was told that we wanted to play for high places on the table and I thought it would be. But I never said I felt cheated. After all, it depends on us, the players themselves, what we show on the pitch. A person can make assumptions, but then they fail to carry out these plans. As I said, it has been a very difficult season. But we won’t turn back time now. We need to prepare for the new campaign as soon as possible. It is true that when I played for Slavia Prague I was used to winning almost every league match. We all wanted the Wisla to go up as well. But the ball is such that you may want something, but you have to show it on the field. This is the hardest thing of all – the head wants something, but then it has yet to be realized.

This statement you made – perhaps hastily – was taken as an indication that you do not want to stay another season and are already considering leaving the club. But let’s face it: before you came to Wisła, you competed in European cups, you would easily find a job now, be it in the Polish or Czech league. Yes, you are the captain of Wisła, but playing in the 1st league is a step backwards for you.

– It is known that every footballer wants to play at the highest possible level from childhood. This is a difficult situation for my whole family. After all, I am from the Czech Republic. We are talking to the management of the club, they have presented their terms to me, I have to define mine. It’s all a matter of communication, conversations. We’ll see what comes out.

So at this point you are not ruling out the option to stay in the first division in Wisła?

– I’m not ruling out. But for this you need an agreement from both sides. I wanted to have a few days off first to sort everything out. Because already even my wife at home told me she felt like i was under a lot of stress.

It was clear that it was you in the spring, or Zdenek Ondrasek, among others, you tried to mobilize the team, somehow keep it under control, but it’s not easy when there are so many new players in the club appeared, and – as we said – from completely different leagues and countries. In the match with Warta you could see how Ondrasek tried to motivate his friends to the end, but he also paid everything this match was seriously injured.

– I am very sorry for the injuries suffered by Zdenek and Maciej Sadlok. Everyone has heard how fans like and support Zdenek and he wanted to do everything for the team, for this club until the end. But when things go wrong, everything is visible. If it doesn’t work, it’s all the way to the end.

Giorgi Citaiszwili said in an interview with Interia that he is convinced that Wisła will return to Ekstraklasa led by Jerzy Brzęczek of the 1st division.

– I haven’t seen any matches of the Polish 1st league, so I’m not fully aware of which teams are playing there, how to compete there. When it comes to this round in our performance it looked better on the pitch, we didn’t lose as many games as before. But they also only managed to win once and other teams managed to take two or three wins in a row. And we interweave draws and failures.

It was certainly not easy to play in the conditions that prevailed in the stadium during Wisła’s last game in Ekstraklasa on Saturday before being relegated to the 1st league. The atmosphere of the meeting with Warta was overwhelming at times, from the stands you mainly heard whistling and mocking.

– We saw before the game what is going to happen. I don’t know if it was more difficult for the younger players, but the more experienced players, with several years on their feet, have already had their way. And in some ways they were better prepared for it. But it certainly wasn’t easy for anyone.

On the other hand, Wisła fans say that they have supported you all season, so after the relegation they had the right to express their disapproval and dissatisfaction. I don’t know how you perceive it?

– Everyone has the right to do what he or she feels. We are responsible for the relegation from the league after 26 years. Everyone here in Wisła has become accustomed to winning championship titles, achieving successes, and now, after many years, this suddenly happens. Everyone has the right to be dissatisfied, have the right to show anger and anger. We have to accept it.

Interviewer: Justyna Krupa

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