Unloved children took revenge on the Vistula. Warta can’t be a pariah

Dawid Szulczek was an assistant to Artur Skowronek. The trainer with the face of a high school student already impressed with his tactical knowledge, attentiveness and ability to communicate them. in Wisła he found no room for vertical or horizontal development and promotion. Therefore, he moved to Wigry Suwałki and no one left a tear behind him. A few months later, when the Skowronek mission was completed, the emissaries of the “White Star” did not even think about Szulczek. They went to Germany to get Peter Hyballa. Its importation and the accompanying negotiations did not take much shorter than the work of a mad German.

One can say: “you praise others, you do not know your own”. Szulczek slowly spread his wings in Wigry. In November last year, the then sports director of Warta Radosław Mozyrko insisted on taking him to Pozna.

Szulczek took over the club after 15 laps when he was just around the corner over the abyss – in penultimate place with two wins, five draws and eight defeats. Until the 13th, Wisła Kraków lost six points. He scored so much that he deservedly beat her at the end of the season in Krakow and by 11 points he kept Warta in 11th position, or one point behind Legia. to have three times lower budget! Warta wrote down 15 million PLN in license documents, but in fact has 12 million to spend. This season, Wisła went for a budget of 35 million.

When I asked Dawid Szulczek whether the secret of his success was also the proportions: seven Poles and only four foreigners, while in the Vistula these proportions were reversed, he pointed out that they were always good team. Both in good and difficult times.

Now let’s go back to Hyballa. The German decided to get rid of Dawid Abramowicz. Wisła, without any supervision of the property, agreed. Abramowicz returned to Radomiak and in the penultimate line, he pinned the Cracovians with a goal and worked out two more. He has a throw-in that most Reymont players can dream of, their corners are usually shorter. He is tall, strong, robust. In the battle to return to PKO Ekstraklasa, a player is worth his weight in gold.

When Hyballa “shot” Abramovich, management just watched. No one lit a lamp to say, “Relax, Coach Hyballa, Mr. Abramowicz may not need him, but he can develop, so we’ll just rent him out, not sell him.”

Coming back to Warta Pozna, and this is a legendary club that he was the only one to be on the podium every time in the first five Polish Championships. Even the oldest ones: Pogoń Lwów, Cracovia, Wisła and Polonia Warszawa did not. In 1928, the champion was Wisła and Warta – the second. A year later, Warta won national primacy, leaving Kraków’s Garbarnia and Wisła behind.

Backstage I found out that It’s not easy to rebuild Warta’s position. Lech Poznań tolerates it and approaches it with sympathy, but on his own terms. Like the town itself, it treats the older club a bit like a pariah.

The best examples are the last pozna derby, that would take place in Bułgarska Street, which was wanted by “Kolejorz”. Interia found out what Lech’s proposal looked like. Warta had to be content with 200,000. PLN and although she would play the role of host, all proceeds from the tickets would be collected by Lech. This income from such an attractive match would be at the level of two or three million zloty.

Because Warta didn’t even consider this offer. She took Lech in Grodzisk Wielkopolski. She was also not happy with the fact that the representatives the city of Pozna only jumped after goals for Lech. After that, for Warta, they enjoyed it modestly.

Before the Wisła – Warta match, I heard from one of the journalists from Pozna that next season there will be no problem with the Lech – Warta derbies in Bułgarska street. For a simple reason: In the permit application, Warta would indicate the Lech facility as a reserve stadium. After the match, I decided to verify these reports.

– Nothing comparable. There is only one stadium and our home stadium will be that in Grodzisk Wielkopolski – Warta spokesman Piotr Leśniowski told us.

A great history, now humble, almost family club – Warta Poznań. It’s worth keeping your fingers crossed for him.

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Michal Białoński, Interia

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