Suzuki Swift Sport Hybrid test – lots of fun for little money

The Suzuki Swift Sport has gained many devoted fans over the years, captivating with its interesting performance, driving pleasure, fair price and lack of pretension. At some point, however, the manufacturer decided to electrify Swift Sport and in 2019 the “clean” combustion engine was replaced by a mild hybrid system. Then it started. The manufacturer was accused of adding unnecessary weight to the car while reducing performance in order to avoid fines for CO2 emissions, at the expense of customers and their driving pleasure, of course. There is certainly some truth in this, but let’s not get depressed – Swift Sport still has a lot to offer.

Suzuki Swift Sport Hybrid vs Suzuki Swift – what has changed outside?

Arkadiusz Dziermanskiz

A few months ago we had the opportunity to test the capabilities of the Suzuki Swift. It would be unfair to write the same thing a second time and artificially lengthen the text, so in this material we will only focus on the differences between the models and of course the driving experience. And more about Swift itself can be found in the link below.

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But let’s start with the outside. How is Swift Sport different from Swift? Overall, it looks more aggressive and a bit more angular. At the front, this is thanks to a different grille and lamp frame, as well as an additional cover under the bumper. This coherent element basically runs around the car.

At the rear it connects to very aggressive looking twin tailpipes. These are not dummy cars and after a few hybrid and electric cars a nice change is the car that growls while driving. It may not be the superb sound of a BMW M package, but it certainly is.

While Swift offers the largest 16-inch rims with a 185/55 tire profile, Swift Sport has 17-inch rims with a 195/45 tire. This is another element that puts a spin on the Sport variant and, what can I say, it can all be fun. The car, I will repeat it again, looks very aggressive and can command respect with how it looks. Especially in combination with the present, very nicely saturated body colors.

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There are fewer changes inside

These are mainly visual changes in the form of adding red accents. The overlays can be found on the doors and dashboard. More red appeared around the instruments as well, and we have that on the thicker and sportier steering wheel and gear lever trim. This may seem cheesy at first glance, but it is a sight to behold. We also have other pedal covers.

The seats are the bigger change. It is no longer the softness level of a PRL armchair. It is stiff, sportier, yet very comfortable. The recliners hold up well in turns and a little more firmness should have a positive effect on the condition of our backs.

We also have two changes here that you might miss without directly comparing the two models. The first is the rear view camera, which, while it appears to be in the same spot, is a bit stepped up. It is placed in a recess that is too large, so that part of the image is covered by the boot lid. It still does its job, but it looks a bit odd.

The second thing is the speaker. The stock Swift had a weird condition where the faster the car went, the louder the bass hit and covered the rest of the notes. Swift Sport does not and the sound is of good quality. Up to about 130 km/h, because then it becomes quite noisy inside and there is not much left of this quality.

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Suzuki Swift Sport begs to accelerate

Sylwia Januszkiewicz

Suzuki Swift Sport Hybrid is equipped with a four-cylinder 1.4l direct-injection engine, which develops 129 hp at 5500 rpm, so it is “weaker” than its predecessor with 11 hp. However, the torque is slightly better – 235 Nm at 2,000 rpm vs. 230 Nm from 2,500 rpm for the combustion version. Accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 9.1 seconds, so 1 second slower than its non-electrified predecessor. Nothing to criticize, the numbers speak in favor of the version without the mild hybrid system. Power, weight (970 kg vs 1025 kg), acceleration …

It doesn’t sound very good on paper and perhaps someone who is a user of the previous Swift Sport will confirm that it looks the same in practice. However, I haven’t had the opportunity to ride any of the previous versions of Sport, so I can tell you what it looks like from a “new” user’s perspective. And it looks really good. Short gear ratios, solid brakes, classic manual and responsive steering make for a lot of fun. Combined with a nice sounding engine, this little car begs you to give it a look and see what you can afford on the road. And you can afford a lot. But be warned – the suspension is quite bouncy for a sports car, so with sharper angles you might get the impression it’s going to knock us out, but as I wrote before, it’s just an impression. The Swift Sport, despite its weight, stays brave on the road and leaves the rider feeling a bit of adrenaline.

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The fact that you don’t pay a fortune for these fun memories makes it even more enjoyable. Swift Sport, when not driving very slowly, smoked about 6.5 l/100 km in the city, and when playing on the highway, the fuel consumption did not exceed 8.1 l/100 km. I admit without batting an eyelid that I didn’t look at what the fuel economy would look like on the road while driving slowly with cruise control active, because well, I didn’t feel like it. For such a ride, I recommend a standard Swift.

I wouldn’t call Swift Sport a hot hat. It is definitely a sporty hatchback that can be fun to drive and give the driver a little imagination. Maybe it’s better than its predecessor, maybe not. However, I wouldn’t focus on what used to be and what we have now, because we just can’t run away from electrification. Because we don’t want to accept it, we will only prolong our suffering and unnecessarily exaggerate the disadvantages of cars with hybrid systems.

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Suzuki Swift Sport is a lot of fun if you buy it wisely

Arkadiusz Dziermanskiz

For the Swift in the Sport variant, we will have to pay considerably more than the standard variant. Which in the most powerful version currently costs PLN 73,900, with PLN 96,900 for Sport. The difference is significant, but the driving experience is also quite substantial. Swifte Sport rides … more fun? Literally, and that’s a really good term in this case.

Why be smart when buying Swift Sport? Some will believe that what is this sports car that does not accelerate to a hundred under 5 seconds? Apparently yes, but on the other hand no new car up to 100,000. PLN will not provide it to us. Here we have a neat well made car straight from the showroom which can be a lot of fun to drive and while there is no record start it can be a bit saw offand on the road he can develop nice speeds and collect solidly to overtake. For many potential buyers, this can be a sufficient argument.

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