Real Madrid feel cheated. Kylian Mbappe betrayed him for money?

A week before the Champions League final against Liverpool, Real Madrid were about to announce a big transfer win. In recent years Kylian Mbappe he became obsessed with the Royal. In the summer of 2021 Florentino Perez he was willing to pay 180 million euros for a player he could have for free in the Santiago Bernabeu in 10 months. The Real president knew that PSG’s Qatari owners were tough, wealthy players and would try until the last minute to turn the tide of the story.

Mbappé has become a national affair of the French. Even the president Emmanuel Macron urged the footballer to stay in Paris. Qatar was known to shower him with gold as long as he broke the word to Perez. Kylian has been a Real supporter since childhood and he was set to fulfill his dream of playing for Santiago Bernabeu. For Perez, he would become the leader of the new team, which would still be number 1 in Europe despite the dominance of increasingly wealthy Premier League rivals.

The Real Madrid stadium, which was reconstructed for half a billion euros, was waiting for Mbappé. Together with Karim Benzema and Vinicius Junior was supposed to create the best attack in club football. When Kylian announced his decision to stay at the Parc des Princes, Benzema posted a photo of the rapper who was murdered in 1996 on social media. Tupac Shakur betrayed by his entourage. According to the Madrid press, this is proof that Benzema feels betrayed by a younger team-mate’s decision. They have great relationships, the Real striker hoped they would share the dressing room at the club too.

Perez’s rivalry with the head of PSG Nasser Al-Khelaific intensified in the great battle for the Super League project. The president of Real was the founder, Qatar sided with UEFA. So the recent rivalry between the Kings and PSG in the 1/8th final of the Champions League had a second low. Benzema three goals against two Mbappé – Perez triumphed. At that time, in Madrid, everyone was convinced that Kylian finally understood that he could only achieve great victories in the royal colors.

Real bosses were calm. They had the word Mbappe. They underestimate the Qatari, who Perez paid for with the biggest transfer failure of his career. In Madrid they called him “King Midas” because from the turn of the century he did what he wanted in the transfer market. He entered Madrid with a bang and took Barcelona away from its greatest symbol at the time – Luisa Figo† It was the beginning of the galactic era when the president of Real Madrid always found a way to bring every star the fans dreamed of to the Santiago Bernabeu. ZidaneBrazilian RonaldoBeckhamCR7 KakaBenzemaModricia and many others. The Kings once again became the hegemon of the Champions League.

Mbappe is the first such important player to escape Perez. This shows the strength of Qatar. After all, it’s clear that Kylian would find bigger challenges in the Spanish League than in Ligue 1, where he took the Player of the Season award a week ago. Still, PSG found a way to stop him at the last minute. He changed his mind and extended the contract until 2025. So he postponed the dream of playing for Santiago Bernabeu for at least three years.

True fans already know that even their president is not omnipotent. † let you be lucky Perez said to Mbappe, the words contain all the bitterness he goes through. The Madrid press writes of “treason”, but also admits that there is no other player who could replace the French. For Real, Kylian is the only one and that only increases the frustration at Santiago Bernabeu.

The Royal players did not react immediately. The words of the helper Federico ValverdeThe fact that “being a real player is a privilege for a few” reflects the magnitude of the disappointment. †There is no one above the club– for example, the Spanish media read countless messages on Twitter from Motricia, Vinicius, Rodrygoor bend. They do not directly concern Mbappe, but were released shortly after his decision.

On May 28, Real will play the Champions League final against Liverpool in Paris. There is no doubt that Mbappe’s decision was a painful blow to the club and the team. Will it mobilize the kings or weaken their morale? There was someone who turned down stardom at the most successful club in European Cup history

Dariusz Wolowski


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