Michniewicz advises Skorża what Skorża Michniewicz advised a year ago

Czesław Michniewicz was Lech Poznań’s coach for nearly three years, before the club was taken over by the Rutkowski family. He won the Polish Cup with “Kolejorz”, and to this day the current coach is popular in the capital of Greater Poland. He was also at the last game against Zagłębie Lubin, which Lech won 2-1† – For me, Lech is the club where I started working in Ekstraklasa and worked here the longest. I had the chance to participate in this event, very pleasant for every participant, coach and fan. Before the match, I took the opportunity to talk to Maciek Skorża, my friend from the time we started our career together in nearby Wronki. We spent more than an hour in a pleasant atmosphere, and Piotr Stokowiec also came to us – said Michniewicz after the game.

The selector revealed that when meeting Zagłębie, he focused on watching the match of Jakub Kamiński, whose he called for the June meetings in the League of Nations† It was the last game in Lech for the almost 20-year-old winger, because from 1 July he will be a player of VfL Wolfsburg. – I looked at him with pleasure and I admit it. I have worked with him in the U-21 national team, he is a very good football player and a cool man. I support him with all my heart so that he can find his place in the Bundesliga in Wolfsburg as soon as possible† I have called him into the team and I believe he will get his minutes, so we will see him against the background of very good rivals – claims Michniewicz.

Michniewicz also believes that to be able to peel off the label of “losers” or “losers”, Lech will have to be successful in the following seasons as well. Apparently every year he has a budget that allows him to think about winning a cup, but since 2015 he can’t. † If Lech wins three or four titles, he can get rid of those evil patches that have stuck with him for the past few years. So far, he has won one, after a fierce competition with Raków. And it must be emphasized, because the competition was very fierce and to some extent the Pogoń was important in that. So this season was interesting – says Michniewicz, recalling that he started it as the coach of Legia Warszawa.

– It didn’t happen, because Raków fought very hard and he defeated Lech in the final of the Polish Cup. Raków will definitely get stronger, and so will Lech, and I’m happy about that, because our country needs teams that regularly play in Europe. It could be the Champions League, it could be the Europa League, it could also be the Conference League. We see the ranking he gave to the final of the Mourinho Conference League, where his Roma will play for Feyenoord. They made it an event like the Champions League final was playing. So whatever it is, it’s an opportunity for Polish clubs, the selector believes.

This season, Michniewicz failed to reconcile Legia’s performance in the European cups, where the then Polish champions did well, with the match in Ekstraklasa. In that, Legia did a terrible job. What would current selector Maciej Skorża advise, who also needs to coordinate different games? – Same as Maciej advised me a year ago. After we won the title, I called him and asked him what he would say. Om said: you must have a broad staff. There will be a lot of competitions, a lot of fatigue, different intensities in Europe, so it will all overlap. And if you have a close-knit team, you will fail like me in 2015. And I fell like him – Czesław Michniewicz shares his impressions. – Today Maciej is a very experienced coach and he will not allow him a narrow team. Lech has 34 games left so he has to be prepared and the coach knows how to do it.

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