The truth of the snail. Golden raspberry for the roll with a screwdriver

The echoes of the Sunday walkover in Krosno continue. Judge Jerzy Najwer ruled the result 40:0 in favor of Stelmet Falubazu Zielona Góra, as in his opinion the hosts had failed to prepare the regulatory course.

I imagine that some Cellfast Wilków fans’ houses already have a picture of a Gliwice arbiter with arrows stabbed into it. He has been the public enemy number one in Krosno since last weekend. Could the scandal have been prevented? I don’t want to do my PhD right now because I wasn’t there. Opinions differ, each side is pulling the cart in its own direction and the truth about the backstage we will probably never know. It’s worth listening to the players though, but more on that later.

Personally, I was most disgusted that Mr Najwer, humanly speaking, lacked goodwill and empathic approach to the matter. He wanted to be the main character of this mediocre show by force, but for his acting performance with an enchanted screwdriver driven in different parts of the track, he deserves a golden raspberry. As in the saying that I will do it out of my grandmother’s resentment and freeze my ears.

I’m surprised the judge closed the court to the players, didn’t even let them go in, kicked it twice so they could form an opinion and share it with Najwer. Probably no one would break a leg after walking a few meters or suddenly disappear into a black hole.

It is always more evidence for the protocol, and most importantly, the mediator himself would have clean “slippers” as he would get feedback from the players i.e. the people most competent to comment on the usability of the surface. Is it worth going on with this farce and exposing the stadium fans to even more anger, or maybe even start the competition? Meanwhile, practical knowledge failed in this case with knowledge based on a hammered screwdriver.

If I had been in Najwera’s shoes I would have expressed my opinion but I would wait with the final decision until the speedway riders get on their bikes and do a few test circles. They are the ones putting their health on the line and after a few rounds alone the crown wouldn’t fall off the head. Presumably in either team it was not necessary to find a candle to find riders who would at least try to get the bike dirty.

Sorry, but for the most part, the machinery is filled with swarms of officers who have been on their bikes as often as the regular Janusz in front of the TV. In this group are all the judges, judges, apprentices and God knows who else can be squeezed out of there. Well, unless someone took them on the frame and let them run for recreational purposes. For years I have honored that track marshals should only be people who sink their teeth into this discipline, ie former players, experienced coaches, managers. Okay, these guys take different training courses, attend seminars, but they will never learn the knowledge that battlers have.

And one last addition. Since there were already objections to the surface during Friday’s meeting with Abramczyk Polonia Bydgoszcz, it was necessary to give the inhabitants of Krosno time to clean the track and postpone the match with Falubaz, and not put a walkover and expose the environment to shame. The match was going to be a bull’s eye, and it turned out to be a bull’s eye and instead of an excellent 1st League eWinner ad, we received an anti ad.

The wolves now face severe penalties. The rate is brutal and the club’s budget can be cut by up to half a million zloty. PZM, GKSŻ-ecie and Piotr Szymański are not going this way. If you must, give the people of Krosno a yellow card, summon them, but let’s not draw any drastic consequences.

The citizens of Krosno have not committed any recidivism, so far they have been an example of virtues, how they could painstakingly build a credible and stable center from the beginning. Here I see extenuating circumstances that must be taken into account when felling.

I feel sorry for President Leśniak. Sure enough, when he got home Sunday night, his hands fell on the floor. What he had been creating for years was in an instant in ruins. Many clubs would not recover from such a blow, they would disappear from Poland’s speedway map, not to mention reactivation.

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