The distinguished coach thunders: “The Polish champion must have a stadium!”

Maciej Słomiński, Interia: Lechia Gdańsk, Tricity’s only player in Ekstraklasa, finished fourth. Is this a good result?

Bogusław Kaczmarek, a well deserved coach: – It is a pity that Lechia did not take advantage of the opportunity and the weakness of the competition, because it could have been higher. If Raków Częstochowa hadn’t won the Polish Cup, fourth place would be useless. Could be better.

Believe me, Lechia Gdańsk is, at least officially, happy with the league finish.

– There was no stabilization, good parties were intertwined with weaker ones. But I don’t want to complain too much, I see an idea in the team Tomasz KaczmarekIwhose name is required. It’s good that he performed at the end of the games Kuba Kaluzinskicand not the old German he is today, he will not be tomorrow. Kuba is a boy who will make a difference if you put him somewhere in midfield. He doesn’t care, he always wants the ball. Kuba has no provision for a youth player, it has to start with determining the line-up in the second line of Lechia Gdańsk.

There is a lot of talk about the Lechia Academy, but it is its product from A to Z.

– Good and that, although Lechia was once a forge of talent on a grander scale. We won the junior championships and transferred players to play for the national team and the football elite elsewhere, where there were richer pockets. And what was the secret that so many talents came out of the sea?

I have no idea

– It happened because the field knowledge was passed on by people from here. Romanowie Korynt and Rogocz, then? Wojciech ŁazarekJurek JastrzębowskiMicha GlobiszJurek Brzyskic Grandfather Gunner Józek Gładysz, my humble person, sometime later my son Marcin. I don’t remember them all. I’m not a sick deviant and I know times are different than they used to be. It is impossible for people from here to play. I won’t talk about identity and DNA when there are six thousand people at the game. It’s good that the turnout increased a bit towards the end. I won’t whine. As in Pan Tadeusz’s 12th book – Let’s love each other! We are happy that Lechia will play in the cup. This is not everyday life.


we talked after inaugural Tomasz Kaczmarek’s match, Lechia then drew with Wisła Kraków 2-2 out

– Unlucky draw. You can see the western thought in this bus, Legia should get five when she came in the fall.

What is the secret of coach Kaczmarek’s success?

– I’m not going to discover America. Tomasz Kaczmarek unleashed the potential of several footballers, throwing them off the rigorous tactical corset of his predecessor, a prime example is Maciej Gajos† or so Lukasz Zwolinskizwho previously sat on a bench or stood somewhere on the side. Was that sensible?

Was Lech Pozna deserved to become the Polish champion?

– There can only be one answer – he scored the most points, so yes. Lech shows the direction of the Polish league. How to skillfully introduce young people. Although in reality they have perfected the market penetration. Praise them for that, although they often bring in young players from the region, and increasingly from all over Poland. Today the best player of their academy is Igor Brzyski from Gdańsk. Of course, no one forced him to take him.

A wise person said that Scouting kills training.

– There’s something about it. However, I say it is good for the Polish league that it was Lech who triumphed.


– I have a lot of respect for the coach Mark Papszun and club owner Micha Swierczewskithat they achieve such results without a stadium. The Polish champion in the Champions League qualifier plays in a packed stadium in Pozna, that’s how it should be. I have absolutely nothing against Raków, but their facility does not fit into the elite league. The greater the recognition of their results.

After the victory in the Polish Cup, it seemed that Raków would follow the blow and win the championship. It happened differently.

– Raków tripped over his own weakness. Perhaps the ratio, where 14 out of 20 players in the national team are foreign, has been disrupted.

For a long time it looked like Pogoń Szczecin could compete for the first league title in history.

– Her players exhaled when Kosta Runjaic announced that he will not renew the contract. Morale has dropped. With this decision, Pogoń eliminated himself.

Will Runjaić succeed in Legia Warsaw?

– I recommend to visit a fortune teller, for a difficult question, no one knows. I keep repeating that the Polish Ekstraklasa should play in the rhythm of 3 x L – Lech, Lechia, Legia. Lech is the champion, Lechia moves up, Legia will not repeat another season like this. Pogoń and Raków are high. Writing paint, my favorite Dutch competition, where Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV have been at the top for years. Sometimes they are joined by Alkmaar, Twente or another Willem II and that’s how it goes.

Do you mourn the decline of Wisła Kraków?

– I am sad for many reasons, it is quite a surprise and unpleasant. Kuba Błaszczykowski he is a great football player and a great person. It’s amazing how he shook himself from what happened to him as a kid. Many Wisła players played in my teams – Radoslaw Sobolewskic in Groclin, Arkadiusz Glowackic in representation Leo BeenhakkerKazia Kmiecik and all that old “White Star” guard I know on and off the field.

What caused the decline of the Vistula River?

– I agree with what he said Andrew Iwan† The Tower of Babel was built next to Reymont, not all players knew where they were. This is how it is with hired workers and the regular relocation. It’s like Grunwald, the Lithuanians who didn’t know what they were fighting for, the first to flee into the bushes. The only exception to mercenaries who proved themselves was in South Africa, but they were fighting for their lives.

Maciej Slomiński interviewed

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