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The Częstochowa Włókniarz in U24 Ekstraliga can use up to five players. Two are too…good and the others are under the age limit. For this reason, club activists thunder.

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In the past three weeks, the team of Włókniarz Częstochowa has grown with no fewer than four new players. At the end of April, Briton Sam Hagon joined the team that played in the U-24 Ekstraliga, at the beginning of May Patryk Nater was hired from Cellfast Wilków Krosno and last week Swede Anton Karlsson and Ukrainian Marko Lewiszyn were signed, who also came to Włókniarz on the basis of a loan from club from Krosno.

Some moves were forced due to the health problems of the domestic players. And even though the junior club has it, they can’t compete, which infuriates the president.

Konrad Cinkowski, WP SportoweFakty: We are talking about the match of the 4th round of U24 Ekstraliga, in which Włókniarz Częstochowa loses to WTS Sparta Wrocław. This is the fourth failure for you in this competition.

Michał Świącik, President of Włókniarz Częstochowa: The rules of the U24 Ekstraliga games are designed in such a way that Włókniarz is the team most limited by them. We are one of the few clubs that cannot take advantage of the two basic juniors, namely Jakub Miśkowiak and Mateusz Świdnicki, which I am very surprised because we have the best Danes, Australians or players from other countries in this league, and we cannot take advantage of the best Poles. And for them, this ride in the U24 Ekstraliga would be the best preparation for a senior race. There is a problem here and several solutions had to be found.

This result would probably look different if Karczewski, Świdnicki and Miśkowiak could start, just as our guests could use the full range of the squad with Michał Curzytek and Bartłomiej Kowalski, or as Unia Leszno does. In two or three years, no one will remember the rules and what blocked us, just who did what result. And it won’t look cool that it was. Moreover, it is also a punishment. A team with good juniors and good lads cannot reach their full potential. And what if, for example, it happens next year that we only have juniors with a high average? So we can’t take advantage of our youth?

Speaking of which, you can’t have good juniors.

Or you have to sign contracts with a dozen foreign riders and give only a few chances to ride with him. And we had to give them the opportunity to start and develop regularly. And so some of them will be blocked for years.

Recently there are two riders who can ride under youth numbers. But these were some forced moves caused by staffing issues.

At U24 Ekstriga there is no such thing as absenteeism that qualifies us to start with just one junior. Yes, but at PGE Ektriga. Suppose it is a match day, for example a player goes down the stairs at home and gets injured because it can happen. There’s a trip to the hospital, sick leave, and where the club has to find a junior in a few hours. We currently have an injured Kajetan Kupiec and Kamil Król, so we stuck with a junior for this tournament (Jakub Martyniak – editorial note).

For this reason, you borrow Patryk Nater for the game and contract foreigners, and Szymon Wolski and Kacper Halkiewicz wait in line. They could easily gain experience, but they can’t race because they are fifteen.

And this is another matter, because last fall’s draft of the “Ekstraliga 3.0” regulations stated that 15-year-olds may participate in competitions up to the age of 24. Looking at it, we borrowed Franciszek Karczewski from Cellfast Wilków Krosno. On March 23, it turned out that the provision on this point was not taken into account and 15-year-olds cannot go. We feel cheated here because at this point we lose the player, who would have had thirteen points on his debut in the DMPJ, had it not been for the tire failure and would be a better scorer in this league than Świdnicki (talking about Halkiewicz – editorial note).

You mentioned Karczewski’s loan. Since U24 Ekstraliga is a training match and will be played separately, players should also be able to drive in this competition, but also in, for example, eWinner of the 1st League or the 2nd Speedway League. Because you loan Karczewski to Krosno, and then, due to injuries from others, you are forced to borrow a junior from another club, and in this case also from Krosno.

According to the agreements that took place some time ago, the clubs in the U24 teams would be able to use the guest services for the lost Russians after the suspension of the Russians in PGE Ekstraliga and U24 Ekstraliga. We wanted to use Frank, who is our student, in this way. Unfortunately, this provision has not yet been implemented.

Speaking of those many foreign players, three of them joined Włókniarz in the past three weeks: Sam Hagon, Anton Karlsson and Marko Lewiszyn.

We don’t have as broad a player base under 24 as some clubs with more than 10 players. In the match against WTS Sparta we let Andrij Rozaluk rest and Karlsson and Lewiszyn got their chance. However, this does not mean that we have removed Rozaluka from the selection. We wanted to check out new players and the Swede did quite well for his debut.

Anton Karlsson is one of Włókniarz .'s new signings
Anton Karlsson is one of Włókniarz .’s new signings

The name Karlsson in Częstochowa is well known and mainly associated with the former player of your team – Peter. Hagon, in turn, is a surname that is better known in the UK, but this is due to the good results of his grandfather and the company founded by his father.

Anton has had a nice ride in Sweden, he’s had some nice runs this season so we thought it was worth giving him a chance. He, in turn, is a very young boy who is actually on the threshold of his career. The Englishman is kind of a long-term project for us and we’ll see how he develops. For now, however, it makes no sense to look at their results, as we are not expecting just three of them, and the work with Karlsson, Hagon or our other players is taking place on many levels. The equipment is very important in speedway and maybe we will try to set them to specific tuners to some extent.

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