snails. Kubera concert ride in Hungary. The Pole dominated the SEC eliminations

Dominik Kubera won the third and final SEC Challenge qualifier tournament. The Polish representative on the track in Nagyhalasz in Hungary scored full points.

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Dominik Kubera

Press material / Motor Lublin / Przemysław Gąbka / In the photo: Dominik Kubera

The match in Nagyhalasz was the third tournament to select the participants of the SEC Challenge. This event takes place on June 18 in Krsko, Slovenia, and the stakes are of course a passage to the Individual European Championship.

Only one representative of our country registered on the Hungarian oval, and that was Dominik Kubera. Leszczynian was considered the favorite of the event from the start and he proved it on the track. However, it was not easy and the rivals did not spare Motor Lublin’s competitor.

Already in his first start, Kubera was taken so sharply by Oliver Berntzon that he fell into the gang on the start straight, where there were no more blown track protection elements.

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Later on, Kubera had no such problems as he ran away from the start and won with some advantage. It was interesting under the name of Kubery, where the crush was great. This is evidenced by the fact that the problems with the places awarded with promotion were weighed up to the end, and after the 20th run, as many as four participants had 11 points and two nine points.

Although the matter of promotion was settled, an additional run was needed, which decided the fate of the podium. In the first race, Berntzon was ruled out for the second time on Saturday for dropping his opponent. Like Kubera in the first run, the Swede now took Marko Lewiszyn to the gang in the 21st run.

In the repeat after Milik’s sharp attack, David Beli got to know the track, forcing the judge to ban the Czech from the next edition of this race. This meant that only two players would participate in the third attempt and they would be on Kubera’s side. The question was who would take the highest and who would reach the lowest step of the podium. Ultimately, the competitor of, among others, Fogo Unii Leszno defeated the representative of Włókniarz Częstochowa.

Unfortunately, the match ended for Nicolas Covatti. The apparently harmless fall of this player raised the suspicion of an injury to the right ankle.

1. Dominik Kubera (Poland) – 15 (3,3,3,3,3)
2† David Bellego (France) – 11 + 3 (1,2,3,2,3)
3† Marko Lewiszyn (Ukraine) – 11 + 2 (3,2,3,1,2)
4† Vaclav Milik (Czech Republic) – 11 + in (2,1,3,3,2)
5† Oliver Berntzon (Sweden) – 11 + in (in, 3,2,3,3)

6. Valentin Grobauer (Germany) – 9 (3.0,2,1,3)
7. Matias Nielsen (Denmark) – 9 (3.3, t, 2.1)
8. Patrick Hansen (Denmark) – 8 (1,1,1,3,2)
9. Chris Harris (Great Britain) – 7 (1,2,2,2,d)
10. Yevgeny Kostygov (Latvia) – 6 (2,2,1,1,0)
11. Nicolas Covatti (Italy) – 5 (2.3.0, h / -, -)
12. Matic Ivacic (Slovenia) – 5 (1,0,0,2,2)
13. Lasse Fredriksen (Norway) – 5 (0,1,2,1,1)
14. Dennis Fazekas (Hungary) – 4 (
15. Mark Barany (Hungary) – 2 (0,1,0,0,1)
16. Andrei Popa (Romania) – 1 (w, 1.0, w, 0)
17. Jakub Valković (Slovakia) – 0 (in,-,-,-,-)
18. Richard Fuzesi (Romania) – 0 (w, w, w, 0)

Run after run:
1. Lewiszyn, Fazekas, Hansen, Valkovic (in)
2. Kubera, Kostygow, Ivacic, Berntzon (in)
3. Grobauer, Milik, Belego, Fredriksen
4. Nielsen, Covatti, Harris, Popa (in)
5. Berntzon, Belego, Pop, Barany
6. Kubera, Harris, Hansen, Grobauer
7. Covatti, Kostygow, Fredriksen, Fazekas
8. Nielsen, Lewiszyn, Milik and Ivacic
9. Kubera, Fredriksen, Barany, Fuzesi (in)
10. Milik, Berntzon, Hansen, Covattic
11. Bellego, Harris, Fazekas, Ivacic
12. Lewiszyn, Grobauer, Kostygow, Popa
13. Milik, Harris, Kostygow, Barany, Fuzesi (in)
14. Hansen, Ivacic, Fredriksen, Popa (in)
15. Berntzon, Nielsen, Grobauer, Fazekas
16. Kubera, Bellego, Lewiszyn, Barany, Fuzesi (indoor)
17. Grobauer, Ivacic, Barany, Fuzesic
18. Bellego, Hansen, Nielsen, Kostygow
19. Kubera, Milik, Fazekas, Popa
20. Berntzon, Lewiszyn, Fredriksen, Harris (d)

Extra race for places 2-5:
21. Bellego, Lewiszyn, Milik (f), Berntzon (f)

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