“The farmer is looking for a woman” Małgorzata Borysewicz responds to the fan’s harsh criticism: “As for the allegations…”

Małgorzata Borysewicz decided to react sharply to the criticism of one of the fans. The main character of “The Farmer Wants a Wife” was accused of trampling animals as objects!

Małgorzata Borysewicz praised an important event on her farm and did not expect such a wave of hatred to wash over her! The farmer decided to respond quickly to the criticism. She has never been so honest about her job!

“The farmer is looking for a wife” Małgorzata Borysewicz defends against criticism: “We produce this food for you”

Małgorzata Borysewicz of “The Farmer Seeks a Wife” often brags to fans not only about his family life, but also about his agricultural work. Małgorzata Borysewicz often introduces fans to newborn animals, and being dairy cattle, she mostly talks about raising cows. The farmer decided to introduce the fans to a new member of her farm. A little baby has been born! As an experienced farmer, Małgorzata Borysewicz decided to share her observations:

– Natural childbirth with assistance. But we don’t know if it will be possible without a lime drip. Cows have their postpartum upsets, the reason is to react quickly (everyone is trying to avoid it). An animal is not a machine, sometimes you can repair endlessly, animal physiology works here. And “spare parts” are very expensive, Małgorzata Borysewicz reported.

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The story of the actions to be taken after giving birth to cows touched one of the Internet users. The fan wrote that, in his opinion, Małgorzata Borysewicz treats animals as objects!

– Even though you wrote “spare parts” it sounds disgustingly literal. After all, you treat the animal like a robot that gives you money. I personally hate it, but if you want to take full advantage of LIVE CREATURES, that’s your choice. But don’t tell me you don’t – thundered the Internet user.

Małgorzata Borysewicz showed fudges

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Małgorzata Borysewicz decided to defend himself against such a reception. After all, livestock farming poses a difficult moral dilemma, but food production unfortunately requires such a decision:

– Regarding the allegations that we use animals to produce milk. No one has ever denied that someone might not like that we somehow produce this milk, we keep these animals somehow – explained Małgorzata Borysewicz, adding:

– But I want to emphasize that we still produce this food for you. I think milk is one of the main ingredients that you just use in your diet. And in spite of everything, in addition to dealing with animals, we try to ensure that this feed is of very good quality, that the milk has very good parameters, that everything is in order – gave the slightly irritated heroine of “The Farmer is looking for a wife”.

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Małgorzata Borysewicz showed fudges

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Małgorzata Borysewicz realizes that the production of milk or other animal products raises doubts in many people. Some time ago, a farmer admitted that dairy products are definitely less consumers. However, this does not alter the fact that Małgorzata Borysewicz loves her job and does not intend to worry about critical comments, especially since many fans do not realize how many difficult moments farmers face in their daily work:

– Yes, it shows you cool moments on Instagram of farming jobs that someone might be interested in, but it doesn’t show you the hard ones, because I know some people would probably have hair on their heads if you saw such hard moments that we have to deal with. Vacations are coming soon, it’s going to be hot, stuffy, the smell, I don’t know, would look good on you if you had it every day at work. We do not complain, after all, we work – admitted Małgorzata Borysewicz.

– And most importantly, we enjoy the work we do. I’m glad I can take home two liters of milk every day and I’m glad it’s homemade milk and I like it and that’s it – she summed up her statement.

Has Małgorzata Borysewicz’s statement convinced you?

Małgorzata Borysewicz showed fudges

rolnikwszpilkach / Instagram

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