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Caring for a dog requires a lot of sacrifice. Some people even give up their vacation if they don’t have anyone to leave their pet behind during their absence. However, you can plan your vacation wisely and look much earlier temporary guardian for the dog.

Taking care of the dog during the trip

When planning a family vacation or an extended business trip, don’t forget to arrange appropriate care for your dog. Although more and more hotels are pet-friendly, unfortunately you can’t take your pet everywhere. If no one of the family can take care of the pet during the departure of the family, then the search for a dog hotel or pet sitterwhich provides a home hotel for dogs – 24 hour care at the caretakers home.

There are many discussions on online pet forums about finding temporary care for your pet. Most of these types of questions appear around the summer, when vacation trips are usually scheduled. Where can you find a dog sitter? The best way to do this is through the website. The portal brings together animal lovers who are happy to take care of their beloved pet for a fee (often not high) for the time of departure.

I’m looking for a dog shelter

As a loving “dog parent” you naturally want to find the best care for your pet while traveling. Therefore you can find a tutor at Pethomer.comwhere all you need to provide is some information to quickly spot sitters offering pet care in your area. Please mark your place, date of departure and what kind of doggy day care you are interested in. You can choose a dog hotel, day care, fast food and a walk with your pet.

I’m looking for someone to walk my dog

Sometimes you cannot pay enough attention to your pet due to lack of time. Walking the dog is a great pleasure, but we can’t always do it personally. Aside from announcements on local portals, the portal comes with help. Where you can find an experienced dog walker who can even walk your dog several times a day.

Pethomer Zookeeper – Reviews

You probably don’t want to entrust your pet to the first person you know nothing about, do you? So you should know that everyone is registered pet sitter from Pethomer is being verified. The portal not only checks personal data, but also conducts a conversation on topics related to responsible care for entrusted animals. It’s also worth knowing that everyone Pethomer dog protector can be judged by the person who has used its services. The ratings are meant to give credence to his good heart and pet care skills.

Before choosing a specific guardian for a dog, it is worth checking what services they offer. This can be 24-hour care in the form of a home hotel or day care. pethomer has an extensive FAQ tab on its website, teaching you the rules for booking an appointment with a selected guardian for a dog. When you contact the person, you arrange all the details of the care. If your pet has special needs, for example requires medication or does not like the company of other animals, you should inform the guardian immediately so that he is prepared for such circumstances.

Dog care – price

Many people wonder how much it costs to care for a pet. Of course, you have to remember that such a service is not free. However, there are no fixed rates on the Pethomer portal. They are determined by everyone individually Pet sitter. Price list for services is visible in the registered guardian’s profile and depends largely on the type of service offered.

As a rule, the service of walking or feeding the dog is much cheaper than Pethomer house dog hotel, where the guardian spends more time with the pet and cares for it 24 hours a day. If you don’t need a dog hotel, you can look for a sacrificial animal taking care of the dog for hours† This service is called day care.

BY taking care of pets during the holidays more and more people are using it. In many western countries, such services are normal, while in Poland this trend is developing. It is very pleasant because awareness is growing to take care of the needs of your pets.

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