A charge against the former manager of “Lewy”. Serious allegations

The spokesman for the regional prosecutor’s office in Warsaw, Marcin Saduś, informed PAP that the charges against the football manager Cezary K. had been sent to the Warsaw court Śródmieście on Wednesday, May 18. “The allegations in the indictment of committing acts that meet the criteria of crimes specified in Article 191 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code (coercion – PAP), as well as Article 266 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code (disclosure of professional and professional secrets – PAP) and article 107 section 1 of the law of 10 May 2018 on the protection of personal data “- emphasizes Marcin Saduś.

According to investigation results, from September 2019 to September 2020, Cezary K. repeatedly threatened his former client Robert Lewandowski that he would disseminate information about “alleged irregularities in tax arrangements belonging to the aggrieved commercial law firm”.

– The suspect addressed the threat and announced that he would initiate criminal proceedings and spread a message that would insult the honor of the victim and his wife, suggesting that he would keep the circumstances described above confidential in the event that the victim would pay 20 million euros – said the spokesman for the regional prosecutor’s office in Warsaw.

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– The subject of the suit against Cezary K. does not include claims against the injured party in financial settlements related to civil law contracts entered into, including corporate contracts, as well as claims that are the subject of legal disputes. According to the second of the charges in the indictment, Cezary K. dated August 2020. By the second half of September 2020, in violation of the confidentiality obligation he accepted, he gave to a representative of foreign media information that he came to know as the manager of the athlete, the prosecutor explained.

He pointed out that the evidence gathered during the investigation showed that Cezary K. emailed the journalist copies of “Lewy” advertising contracts signed with international companies from the clothing, food and electronics industries. He was also required to provide copies of contracts the footballer signed with German football clubs in 2010 and 2016. – In addition, the suspect, without being authorized to do so, handed over copies of tax returns from the former client and his wife to the above person, he emphasizes.

He reported that the investigators seized K.’s computer for the case, in which they found, among other things, e-mails sent from the address of the former manager of “Lewy” to journalists of one of the German weekly newspapers. – This correspondence was accompanied by files containing the above documents. The analysis of phone calls to the numbers of Cezary K. and the journalist confirmed that during or before the publication of press articles about the marriage of the injured parties (…) the above-mentioned contacts were very frequent. The contact time was also similar to sending the emails above, he said.

– This confirms the merits of the accusation against Cezary K. of blackmailing a football player, despite the fact that the journalist interviewed by the Hamburg police under the European Investigation Order referred to the journalist’s right and refused to witnesses – he said.

– In the course of the investigation, the advice of an IT expert was sought, who examined the flash drives and mobile phones provided by the injured party. The expert confirmed the identity of the files stored on the recording devices with the files provided at the preparatory stage of the proceedings and stated that there was no IT interference in the data files provided, the prosecutor added.

He explained that the transferred data carriers were then subjected to phonoscopic tests by an expert from the forensic laboratory of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Pozna. – According to the expert’s opinion, no traces of editing have been found in the evidence recordings – he said.

– The investigation also obtained an expert opinion from the Institute of Forensic Expertise in Lublin, according to which the electric current signal is not suitable to confirm the authenticity of the recordings, due to the lack of models against which this signal can be compared. However, since no traces of violation of the authenticity of the recordings have been revealed, they should be considered authentic, he stressed.

He recalled that in October 2020, during the first interrogation, Cezary K. pleaded not guilty to the alleged crime and refused to answer questions from the prosecutor, including those about his attitude to the report of the above conversation. – In his extensive explanation, submitted over several hours, he focused on issues related to the many years of cooperation with the injured party, as well as on civil settlements – he said.

Also during the second interrogation in April 2021, Cezary K. pleaded not guilty to the alleged crime, refused to explain and refused to answer questions from the prosecutor.

– Cezary K., who is threatened with a prison sentence of up to 3 years, is currently applying preventive measures in the form of a property bail for the amount of PLN 500,000 and a ban on approaching and contacting the injured – Marcin added Saduś ready for it.

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