That is why Kuba Błaszczykowski remains silent after the fall of the Vistula River. The former footballer cheats

A failure in a bad style (in the last line Wisła Kraków lost to Radomiakalthough it initially led by two goals) “White Star” sealed his relegation to the 1st competition† It is a football, financial and image disaster for the club, which is also accompanied by disappointed expectations from fans. Fans from Krakow supported the team despite numerous failures, and now they have to swallow the bitter pill of disappointment.

Then when? the fall of Ekstraklasa has become a fact, two co-owners of the Vistula River spoke up. “There aren’t many broad words that can capture the feelings right now. I’m just sorry everyone who has to experience it all today”- Jarosław Królewski wrote on Twitter† †I’m very sorry. I have failed† Something happened that couldn’t happen. We’ve made too many mistakes, we’ve made too many bad decisions. Now major changes are needed. Personally, I’m ready”- Tomasz Jażdżyński echoed him

On the other hand, there is no official position of the last of the three bosses. Jakub Błaszczykowski is still silent about the decline of the “White Star”† And this despite the fact that lightning strikes on some sides and on him. The legendary football player of the club from Krakow took on the defense of “Błaszczak”, Marek Motyka

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How well know the taste of relegation to the lower class† Then, the last time, in the 90s, Wisła Kraków left Ekstraklasa, he performed in her colors. Now the memories are back. “Of course I really regret the relegation. It was a very sad day for me when we lost to Radomiak. I remembered my legacy with Wisełka† It took us three years to come back. I regret that I lost at least 100 Ekstraklasa matches then, I lost money because elsewhere I would earn three times more, but I’m proud of myself for staying in my Vistula– he tells in an interview with the portal.

He believes that the “White Star” trio of owners does not deserve any criticism. Highlights that Błaszczykowski, Jazdżyński and Królewski take their first steps in the football world, and a difficult experience can make them draw conclusions, see the mistakes made, and it will only get better. “They are involved with the club, they helped when Wisła had the 4th league in front of her eyes and I trust these people“- he says.

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The former football player also has many warm words for Kuba, who, in his opinion, has to wait for the monument at Reymonta. Highlights that Błaszczykowski has invested a lot of his own money in the risky Vistula business and that he ‘gave himself to the club with all his heart’.

when asked then why doesn’t “Blaszu” speak after the fall of “White Star” and why he doesn’t turn to fans has an explanation. In his opinion, just it’s hard to find the right words in this situation, but still believes that sooner or later Jakub Błaszczykowski will break the silence.

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