Performance with Magda Linette. A fight of three hundred with the former leader of the ranking

Magda Linette fought a fierce battle with self-titled German tennis player Andżelika Kerber in the WTA 250 tournament in Strasbourg. A third set was needed to resolve this high-level confrontation.

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Magda Linette

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Magda Linette (WTA 56) in Strasbourg quickly settled Warwara Graceva and Heather Watson in the first two rounds. The bar was set very high in the quarterfinals. The Polish faced Andżelika Kerber (WTA 22), the former leader of the ranking and winner of three Grand Slam titles. The tennis players put on a very interesting show. The German won 6:2, 4:6, 6:4.

The first breakout came in the fifth game. It was achieved by Kerber, who forced Linette into a foul with her tremendous forehand. In the beginning, the Polish woman did well in substitutions, but from the moment she lost the pass, her game didn’t function well. She made a lot of mistakes, was impatient on the pitch, her attacks were careless and she was also unsteady in defense.

A series of backhand errors cost Linette a pass in the seventh game. Kerber played very precisely in defense, impressed with precision when changing direction, worked diligently in defense. At the right moments, she accelerated the match and reacted well to the Polish games. The German woman was smart and effective. At the end of the first set, Linette put the forehand into the net.

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At the start of game two, Linette struggled, but she kept her pass after defending three breakpoints. After that she had three 2-0 chances, but this time Kerber went out of the way. The German was more determined, but Linette remained calm and better times came for her in this match. In the third game, Polka gave the pass by throwing the forehand. She stood up, her brave character made itself felt. She showed reliability in defense and her attacks were much more carefully refined.

Linette’s more aggressive and solid play prevented Kerber from dominating the field. The German didn’t raise to 3:1 as the thrown backhand cost her service loss. A fierce battle continued, at a high level. Linette showed more and more varied tennis. She managed to surprise her rival with a shortcut or an attack on the net. The Polish woman increasingly took the initiative in exchanges. We had to wait until the 10th game for the next breakthrough. A great forehand into the line gave Pozna a solid ball. Kerber couldn’t hold out and the set was over when she threw up her backhand.

In the second game of the third set, Kerber scored four points 0-30 and in the third game she broke after an error by Linette. The Polish woman could lose 1:4, but she knocked off the breaking point with a great backhand crossover. In the following games, both tennis players served carefully and played nice substitutions. The resident of Pozna did what she could and patiently waited for her chance.

In the 10th game, the emotions were huge. Kerber lost the first game ball with a double foul. After a while, Linette had a breakpoint, but she couldn’t play the opponent’s shortcut correctly. The second game was lost by the German woman who put the forehand into the net. The excellent backhand crossover gave Poland a second break, but she threw a return. The Poznan player also repelled the third and fourth match ball with good attacks. In the end, Kerber remained fully focused and the meeting ended with the winning serve.

In the two hours and ten minutes game, both players had nine break points. Linette had two breakthroughs and returned her own application four times. The Polish woman made 50 last tricks with 47 unforced errors. Kerber was charged with 37 direct wins and 29 fouls. It was their first meeting.

Kerber has won 13 singles titles on the WTA Tour in her career. She achieved the greatest triumphs at the Australian Open and US Open 2016 as well as at Wimbledon 2018. In total, the German woman topped the rankings for 34 weeks. Linette won tournaments in the New York Bronx (2019) and Hua Hin, Thailand (2020).

International de Strasbourg, Strasbourg (France)
WTA 250, clay court, prize pool of 251 thousand. dollars
thursday 19 may

Quarterfinals singles

Andżelika Kerber (Germany, 2 / WC) – Magda Linette (Poland, 8) 6:2, 4:6, 6:4

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