New judges will make their debut in PKO Ekstraklasa. The youngest in the Premier League!

Two judges have been appointed for Saturday’s matches, who will make their debut in PKO EkstraklasaPiotr Urban will be the mediator of the match Wisła Płock – Stable Mielecwhile Patryk Gryckiewicz will lead a meeting Górnik Łęczna – Jagiellonia Bialystok

Until now, both umpires participated in PKO Ekstraklasa’s matches as technical umpires and Piotr Urban was once in a VAR car. At the end of the season, the umpires who played daily matches in the Fortuna I league had to get good grades as they hosted their debut matches at the highest level in the country.

Patryk Gryckiewicz, from Toruń, was born on June 26, 1995 (26) and it turns out the youngest judgewhich will be played this season by the PKO Ekstraklasa match. Until now he was the youngest Damian SylwestrzakThat he turned 30 in March and has been an international judge since the beginning of the year.

The young judge from Toruń is considered a potential and promising arbitrator. So far, the man from Toruń has led 20 matches of Fortuna in the 1st league, 17 matches in the 2nd league and six matches of the Fortuna Polish Cup, as well as 12 of the Central Youth League.

Patryk Gryckiewicz, since he appeared in the III league, quickly found recognition among the coaches KS PZPN† He made his debut in 2018 in the above competitions and was promoted to the 2nd division after the season, where he stayed for a year. After 13 matches at this level of the competition, Gryckiewicz received his debut match in Fortune I league – it was the end of 2020.

Piotr Urban is from Legionowo and was born on February 15, 1987 (35). In his career, he has so far led 51 matches of Fortuna I Liga, 20 II Liga and five matches of the Polish Cup. He also refereed 15 games of the Central Youth League.

Like Gryckiewicz, Piotr Urban only played one season in the 3rd division. When he was promoted to the 2nd division, he was nominated for the 1st competition after a few matches. So it was a quick and very big jump. Now, a few years later, he has been given an opportunity that will pave the way to stay longer in PKO Ekstraklasa.

Whether Patryk Gryckiewicz and Piotr Urban will be ‘regulars’ on the football fields of PKO Ekstraklasa next season is still difficult to say. What is certain is that as umpires of the Top Amateur A group they have the authority to direct matches at this level of the competition. In recent years, a trend has been observed that the judges who made their debut in the competition in the last round became permanent umpires of PKO Ekstraklasa in the following season.

New umpires are definitely needed in PKO Ekstraklasa as we see the same umpires notoriously on Polish fields, and so far only 21 umpires have led matches in 33 queues, of which Paweł Gil and Mariusz Złotek have only led one match. Wojciech Myć was the mediator in two meetings and Łukasz Szczech in three.

In the Saturday meeting Gornik – Jagiellonia, Patryk Gryckiewicz is assisted by Marcin Boniek and Bartosz Kaszyński. Damian Gawęcki will be the technical jury. In turn, in the match Wisła – Sta, Piotr Urban is assisted by Arkadiusz Kamil Wójcik and Tomasz Niemirowski. The technical judge is Konrad Gąsiorowski.

Both matches take place without the participation of the VAR system, as all matches of the last round are played at the same time and the Polish Football Association has only four VAR cars.

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