He went to pee and never came back. Dates that didn’t end well

According to data from the Central Statistical Office, there are 7.5 million singles living in Poland, and this number is constantly growing. Many people find this condition temporary and are constantly looking for their partner.

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Stalking, feeding vegan dumplings, strange offers or escaping a date – each of us went or goes on dates that we could talk about for hours. Some are successful, others just the opposite. Abundant events, causing surprise, sometimes embarrassment, often laughter and even fear. Before we find the perfect partner, we often have to experience a lot while dating. What stories do our interlocutors remember?

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According to data from the Central Statistical Office, there are 7.5 million singles living in Poland, and this number is constantly growing. Many people find this condition temporary and are constantly looking for their partner. Apparently, such a large number of lonely people is a positive omen for those seeking love. Therefore, undeterred by bad experiences, they constantly organize new encounters in order to finally win the “love lottery”.

Therefore, we are not surprised by “exceptional” stories from such gatherings. Our interlocutors decided to share with us their most interesting opinion. For some, unusual encounters were a warning for the future, for others a cause for laughter. So which dating stories will our interviewees remember for the rest of their lives, and why?

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Tinder dating from hell

Tinder in Poland is taking its toll. Nearly 730 thousand of users use the application in our country. First of all, they are people aged 18-24 and residents of large cities. In addition, most of the users are men, of whom there are more than 66%.

“I made an appointment with a Tinder guy for a casual massage, with no overtones.” He was a masseur, I was in pain after bike rides. Unfortunately I made a fool of myself. I went to my friend, he invited me to his room to get ready for a massage. I remembered from experience that you had to undress for this. So I undressed and lay naked on the massage table. When the boy saw me all he said was “but… you could have stayed in your underwear”. We couldn’t agree more and showed the guy my naked ass at a meeting that wasn’t even a date,” she says. Katie

Almost 730 thousand of the users in our country use Tinder.

Almost 730 thousand of the users in our country use Tinder.

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– A friend met a 36-year-old man on a dating site. The first meeting – a simple walk and that’s it. He wrote to her every day, proposing further meetings, but these meetings did not take place because he had canceled them an hour or half an hour earlier. He did that three times. Finally, a little pissed off, the girl complained to her colleague from work, showed his profile on the dating app, and she was speechless. It turned out that the same man was also dating this friend. Only the date turned out to be worse. She was with him for a walk in the woods. Suddenly he said he had to pee and left. And she waited for him. Finally she started calling him. An hour later he wrote that he had to get to work quickly. He went to pee and never came back. He left her alone in the woods at night because he reportedly had to go back to work – he says carolina
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I told my friend I went to the toilet and I didn’t go back to the table

– I once dated a guy who had just received a promotion in marketing in one of the theaters in central Poland. The boy took me all over Gdynia by car, and although I am close to the culture myself, he was terribly boring. After the sightseeing trip we went to a restaurant, I had a drink, I ordered food … I told my friend I was going to the toilet, and I did not go back to the table – he says agatha.

first date sex

Percentage and fleeting sex often go hand in hand. And in recent years, romances are nothing out of the ordinary.

– It’s been a long time, but somehow this story stuck in my memory. It was the 90s, I was working part time at the Dominican Fair. There was a beautiful girl working in the cubicle next door, whom I could talk to very well. After closing our booths and having a few beers, the amoras carried us away. Since there was nothing suitable in the area, we ended up in a nearby church, or rather a confessional, but not for confession. So far I’m glad no one found us. It was one of the strangest things that happened to me in my life. It burned a little, because supposedly God sees everything – he says Paul.

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Dating doesn't always end well

Dating doesn’t always end well

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There is no denying that work brings people closer together. Romances at work are bread and butter, as are relationships between employees in the same company. Sometimes they are official, sometimes they are shrouded in secrecy and discretion. The story of Marcin, a representative of one of the Tri-City companies, proves that the world is small.

– Those were the times of Tinder, but I did not meet Majka on this application, but in the library. The polite conversation culminated in an exciting discussion about books. We’re officially dating. Movie first, then dinner, walk along the beach at sunset. It was fun, romantic, but by then… When we were sitting on the beach, and the wine was already buzzing in our heads, Maja suddenly turned into a wild animal. She started whispering dirty texts in my ear, in two minutes she told me about her promiscuous fantasies, took off her blouse and wanted to drag me to the dunes. I didn’t get to know her, and since I don’t like easy girls, I just said no. She got mad, started yelling and screaming that no man had ever treated her like this in his life. She spilled wine on me and went, blocking me on Facebook and on the phone. Imagine my surprise when my company hired a new sales manager after two years, who turned out to be Maja. We struggled for six months and I had to change jobs – Marcin says.

Stalking and weird behavior

Chemistry between two people is sometimes discussed. However, there’s nothing wrong with it if it simply doesn’t spark between potential partners. The problem arises when one person feels something and the other does not.

– I’ve always heard of guys who kept pestering my girlfriends with pictures, millions of messages asking for a date, coffee or casual sex. I was once in a morning. In the evening an ordinary drink in the old town, a walk along the Motława River. I didn’t feel the chemistry though, the conversation wasn’t sticky and we couldn’t connect. Even then I decided I wouldn’t write to her again, because it just doesn’t make sense. It was a pity that my “chosen one” had a different opinion about the situation and date. After the meeting, the girl continued to pester me, write strange things, and at some point she “suddenly” appeared next to the places where I was with my friends. Fortunately, I was always able to escape gracefully and pretend not to see her. The girl saw all my friends and wrote them to make an appointment. I felt so overwhelmed that after a few deeper questions I finally answered her, not very culturally, to leave me alone – she says Olek

Failed dates. Who did it happen to?

It is completely normal that between potential partners can be ordinary

It is completely normal for there to be “no spark” between potential partners.

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– First date, so stress. I didn’t know the boy for long, but I decided to meet him because he seemed interesting. However, as the saying goes “warned, always safe”, and I took pepper spray with me. We were on a romantic walk, then we sat down on the grass and I wanted to show him something, and I had it in my bag. And I started to get some knick-knacks out of a woman’s purse. Lipstick, wallet… and pepper spray. I look at him, he looks at me and concluded only “reasonably because I could be a psycho”. Luckily I didn’t have to use it, and we’re still a couple – he says Magda
– It was my first date through the dating app. The guy was a vegan and he seemed to want to win my feelings over with food. So he brought handmade dumplings, which literally tasted nothing, and he was giving them to me all the time, taking out box after box, and I couldn’t take any more, because they were disgusting. Of course I didn’t tell him that. We also discussed the topic of pets. I had fish then. Mister vegan decided I was harassing them, and he’s not in favor of keeping animals in captivity and would release my aquarium fish into the lake – he says Ania
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