We got it! Łomża Vive Kielce in the Final4 of the Champions League!

six days ago the Polish champion won in the south of France 31-28which gave him a lot of comfort before the resit. Comfort, but no rest, so today you could see from the first seconds how great concentration was demanded from his players by the coach Talant Duyshebaev. The inhabitants of Kielce worked perfectly, again, with their excellent defenses, they limited Montpellier’s subsequent offensive plans. Unlike last year’s nightmare in Nantesthis time there was not a single moment of danger. In fact already after the first half, fans could celebrate their promotion to the Final4 tournament.

The holiday atmosphere reigned in Hala Legionów from the start. Again, it was a shame that only a little over 4,000 places could be accommodated because If the 20-thousandth Krakow Tauron Arena were moved here, it would be full to the brim† The hosts cheered for having the meeting under control from the start. Arkadiusz Moryto grabbed the ball in the visitors’ first move and gave Łomża Vive the lead in the counterattack. The only thing that could be faulted for the Kielce team in the first minutes was effectiveness. Again Marin had Šego do three effective interventionsand the result was close to a draw. And then the hosts’ defense concert, led by “Professor” Tomasz Gębala, began. If the guests managed to reach the casting position, Andreas Wolff shone. The German only intervened effectively in the 12th minute, but just then, at 6-4, he saved the penalty from Hugo Descat’s seven. And a systematic escape of the inhabitants of Kielce from the scoreboard began.

In the 16th minute, Julien brought Bos, who was recovering from his injury, back into the game and reduced the French’s losses to two goals (6-8). It was the last moment of contact in this meeting – moments later, Kielce began to increase their advantage. Their active defense completely confused the French runner-up’s positional attack. Vive had no such problems either. In the early stages of the match, they contributed a lot to the winger, especially Dylan Nahi. Later, when the French had to defend more broadly, Home team quarterback started working with the rotary† Arciom Karaliok was perfect as he scored his first goal in the 19th minute and after the first half he had five goals in the score sheet. This must have had an impact on the Montpellier team, who were just helpless. Wolff defended like he was in a trance, Descat missed another penalty – Kielce’s advantage grew. In the last seven minutes of this half, the visitors did not score a single goal and the score was 11-8 to 15-8. In the overall match, Łomża Vive had 10 goals ahead of him – the issue of promotion was solved with that.

In the second half, the Polish champion did not play such a concert, but with a high lead, it was also hard to expect. Too much nonchalance had crept into the offensive, Montpellier often launched counter-attacks that they hadn’t had at all in the first half. However, Andreas Wolff’s show went on. If he defended excellently in the first half of Germany, then what he did in the first quarter of the second half is hard to define† At one point he already had 50 percent. efficiency – he defended 13 of his rivals’ 26 pitches. Only Julien Bos occasionally found a way to beat the German. Kielce’s advantage in the 46th minute was ten goals (23-13), then it started to decline. However, it didn’t matter how far Łomża Vive won this match – all that mattered was winning it without the risk of injury.

It worked and the Polish champion will play as a prize in Final4 in Cologne – on June 18 and 19. Kielce’s rival in the final tournament will be chosen by drawing lots† Except for Łomża Vive, today the Hungarian Telekom Veszprem has been promoted and tomorrow we will meet the other participants. In Kiel, THW Kiel will play a rematch against PSG Kamil Syprzak (30-30 in the first meeting), and Barcelona will face Flensburg-Handewitt (33-29 for the Spanish champions in the first meeting).

omża Vive: Wolff (13 saves / 27 throws – 48% efficiency), Kornecki (1/9 – 11%) – Karaliok 7, Moryto 4, Tournat 4, Nahi 4, Karačić 3, Sićko 2, Daniel Dujszebajew 2, Vujović 2, Thrastarson 1 , Alex Dujszebajew 1, Sanchez-Migallon, Olejniczak, Paczkowski, Gębala. Sanctions: 6 minutes. Penalty kicks: 1/2.
Montpellier: Šego (7/21 – 33%), Bonnefoi (4/19 – 21%) – Bos 7, Simonet 3, Descat 3, Panić 3, Bataille 2, Villeminot 2, Pellas 1, Moscariello 1, Porte, Lenne, Duarte, Wallinius, Nazinovic. Penalties: 4 minutes. Sanctions: 3/7.

First match: 31-28 for omża Vive. Promotion: Łomża Vive Kielce.

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