They took the club president in boots. He had 150 missed calls

– For the past few days I was inactive because of the mandatory state military camp. After this week a lot of reflection on life, career and future. Now I am trying to return to normal life step by step – Wojciech Janowski wrote on his LinkedIn profile.

– It had nothing to do with the war in Ukraine – explains Jankowski when we called to ask what was going on. – I was supposed to get a suspension two years ago, but then it was canceled due to the pandemic. However, the money for educating 200,000 people from the reserve was budgeted and for a week I moved to a completely different world – he explains.

The appointment completely ruined his plans. Professional and private. He had a children’s communion. – I may have been involved in a medical certificate. Some did that because half the people I called up came to my training. However, I decided that I would not submit any documents about my disability, because sooner or later they would take me, and I wanted it behind me – he says.

Jankowski lives in the business world where every second counts. Converting to a free, lazy life in the military was a great experience for him. – What I did there in a week, I would normally do in two or three days. I’m not complaining though, because there weren’t any scenes we know from movies about the military. No one wanted to crush us, there was no exercise or physical exertion. Mother and wife were nervous. It turned out not to be necessary – he admits.

During his training he learned to shoot. – Each of us had to remember how to use a weapon. If there was mobilization, there would be no time to learn. I’ve never been a marksman. I have a dominant left eye and am right handed. The young but experienced major gave me some time and now I aim with my left eye and shoot with my left hand – Jankowski brags.

He woke up at 5:30 am. But there was no shouting. The person on duty walked from room to room, knocking and emphatically saying it was time to get up. The day ended with an evening roll call at 9.30 pm. Then there was a tattoo.

– For me this week in the barracks was a total reset. It’s a different world than the one I live in. There is never time for anything in business. I had too many of those in the military. We were allowed to have cell phones, although we were asked not to use them during working hours. After a week I had 150 missed calls. I didn’t call back, it was useless – Jankowski laughs.

We asked about the reflections on life he mentioned in the social media post. – When I went to bed at 9:30 pm, I had a lot of time to think about what was important and what was not. I don’t have time for this at home. I’m in a hurry. We have two young children, 5 and 6 years old. There is always something going on. I admit it was hard for me without my family. It’s good that we can call each other in the evening – he admits.

However, after passing the walls of the unit, he left many worries behind. – There are things that normally irritate a person. When I joined the army, I forgot a lot of these things. Only my family and relatives remained in my head. I blamed myself for leaving my wife alone. We don’t have anyone on site, because our parents are in Gniezno, so Natalia couldn’t count on anyone’s help while I was gone – she notes.

When he left, they thanked him for fulfilling his civic duty. Will he be called again and when? Isn’t he afraid that in connection with the war in Ukraine this could be a near-term prospect? Mainly because Russia scares Poland. – My previous education was fifteen years ago, at university. I hope the next one will be in fifteen years. And if they mobilize me, I’ll be the squad leader, I’m a cadet corporal. And when it comes to war, we have a professional army. The reserve is the back office. Because of my education, I would probably go to a communications unit – it ends.

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