The zoo station helps animal refugees. Volunteers feed, take, give professional carriers and consignees

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Not only people need help! This year, police officers and city guards have also rescued animals

Cats in boxes and baskets, dogs in backpacks, hamsters hidden in a soup bucket, a gecko in a lunch box. Such views were experienced by the volunteers of the ZOO Station, which has been working at Warsaw Central Station since March 13. Each of the people who have joined this initiative is working, studying or engaged in other activities on a daily basis. In this case, however, the love for animals that brought them together predominated. Volunteers try to give it as much as possible, especially to those animals that escaped from the war in Ukraine along with their owners.

A new point at Warsaw train station, namely ZOO station. What is that?

The Zoo Station is a private initiative created by a group of volunteers who have decided to help the animals in transit, ie those fleeing the war in Ukraine with their caretakers and therefore passing through Warsaw Central Station. The point is open 7 days a week from 8:00 AM to midnight

What do the ZOO Station volunteers do? First they look for animals in the hall and on the platforms, and then they offer them food and water and provide them with safe accessories ie special conveyor belts, safe harnesses, lines or muzzles. However, this is not the only way they help the smaller brothers. Volunteers also:

  • they give the possibility to unfold the box, use the litter box, walk the dog,
  • provide information about the required documents, passports, chipboards and the possibility of veterinary assistance in Warsaw,
  • help determine how to prepare for travel by train, plane and what is important when staying in Poland,
  • replace used pads, help wash dirty pups and tails, wipe up spills, sort gifts,
  • if necessary, they try to find a temporary shelter for the pet.

Recently, the ZOO station is also active on Instagram. Volunteers share stories about their “departments”

You can see Zoo Station’s work backstage on Instagram. Volunteers actively maintain a profile on social media, where they often share stories about the animals they meet. Some of them are not only amazing, but also touching.

For example, we are talking about parrots that were brought to Poland in a water tank. The owner reached out for this makeshift transporter, as she didn’t want to leave her bird friends in a war-ravaged country.

A similar fate befell a little… duckling that traveled all the way from Zaporizhzhya to Poland.

On the other hand, many kittens go to the train station in picnic baskets. While not a comfortable and safe home for cats in the long run, desperate owners are turning to every alternative to take their beloved pet with them. The task of the ZOO Station is: making it easier for both pets and their owners to continue their journey together

Ticks are found in parks and forests. Most in the south [MAPA]

Everyone can support the Zoo Station. There are several ways to do this

The Zoo Station’s activities are not funded or supported by the government or other public organizations. All donations come from people who, like volunteers, are not indifferent to the plight of animal refugees. You can support the station in three ways.

  1. Volunteer work – only adults can apply for it. Knowledge of Ukrainian or Russian is not required, but it will certainly help. The ZOO station works in three shifts. Volunteers are only required to bring a charged phone or power bank. People can write a private message on the Station’s instagram profile.
  2. fundraising – The ZOO station has launched a collection, the money of which will be spent on the purchase of necessary accessories for animals, such as transporters, food or medicines.
  3. You can create a pack of products – volunteers provide information with the most urgent needs from time to time. The most useful elements are: transporters, wet food for dogs and cats in small packages, muzzles and harnesses. Parcels can be delivered personally to the Station. People from outside Warsaw can send gifts via a parcel locker to the address provided by volunteers in a private message.

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