The sixth edition of the School Sports Club program was inaugurated

As the head of the ministry emphasized, this year 40 percent more budget will be allocated to its implementation than when the first edition was carried out.

“The program directly covers more than 300,000 children and adolescents, while more than a million participants participate in all events related to SKS. It covers one hundred percent of the provinces, ninety percent of the municipalities, it is almost a complete map of Poland So, SKS returned to almost every school in Poland. This makes me very happy “- said the head of the ministry.

Bortniczuk added that SKS gives children and adolescents the opportunity to start their adventure with sports.

“SKS is above all an excellent resource for finding talents with a aptitude for sports. Project + We are looking for sports talents with the School Sports Club + program is part of the wider concept of supporting the Ministry for Physical Education teachers. Already next school year, in consultation with the Ministry of Education and Science, we will introduce a pilot program for universal testing of sports skills students.From September 1, 2022, it will cover students from schools in the Opole and Lublin regions”- explained Bortniczuk.

If he passes the exam, all students in Poland will participate in the exam from 2023, according to the ministry’s announcement. “We cannot afford to lose the talents that will represent Poland in the international arenas in a few years,” the minister noted. The young athletes who took part in the meeting rewarded him with applause.

Before and after the press conference in a specially prepared zone, on professional rowing equipment, the trainers of the Warsaw Rowing Society and the scientific staff of the Institute of Sport – National Research Institute verified the physical fitness of children and adolescents. The test of young athletes was conducted by Olympic medalists in rowing – Natalia Madaj-Smolińska, Agnieszka Kobus-Zawojska and Magdalena Fularczyk-Kozłowska. Bartek Marszałek, who took part in the Formula 1 motorboat, told how he trains, how he got into the sport.

From the first edition, the SKS program has been supported by PKN Orlen – the largest sponsor of Polish sport, committed to both the successes of professional athletes and the development of future champions.

During the meeting it was emphasized that the main goal of the SKS program is to promote sport and exercise among children and young people. Nearly 100 different forms of activity are carried on within this framework. They are taught twice a week in the form of 60-minute lessons. “I am pleased that the program is developing and involving more and more children, parents and teachers” – noted the head of the Ministry of Sports.

The role of the operator of the national program is carried out by the Institute of Sport – the National Research Institute, which has been involved in scientific and research work in the field of sport for many years and successfully carries out national projects aimed at promoting sports in children and adolescents.

“I have no doubt that among the nearly 300,000 children and adolescents who participate in the program, there are outstanding sports talents. We want to find them based on the results of physical fitness tests conducted since 2017 among all participants of SKS classes. Our research potential and possible collaboration with sports clubs and associations will allow gifted young athletes, based on their potential, to be targeted in those disciplines in which they have the greatest opportunity for development” – stated Dr. Urszula Włodarczyk, Director of the Institute of Sport – National Research Institute.


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