By choosing these snacks, you support biodiversity. How it is possible? † curiosities

The main thing is that all the above products share the same values: naturalness, simplicity and taste. Delicious cookies and waffles are baked with care, from the highest quality wheat, sustainably grown. Perfect to share with loved ones. This diversity allows everyone to find something for themselves.

What is the Harmony logo on SAN products?

The Harmony initiative is a guarantee of product quality and, above all, confirmation that the wheat used in the biscuits has been sustainably sourced with care for the environment and the farming community.

At the heart of the Harmony program is partnering with local farmers whose farms are close to the biscuit factories. Farmers participating in the Harmony initiative are committed to implementing sustainable wheat farming practices that are more respectful of water and soil and reduce carbon emissions. The Harmony program also establishes specific practices to ensure the development of biodiversity, including creating grasslands around agricultural lands, which in turn attract ecosystem-relevant insects such as bees and butterflies.

Harmony is a response to the needs of the world today, and in fact to climate changes that happen every day. It is also a response to the expectations of consumers, who pay more and more attention to the composition of products and the origin of individual ingredients.

Wheat is the main ingredient in cookies. 12 years ago Harmony started working with just a few farmers and during that time the best practices for the sustainable cultivation of wheat have been developed.

San’s ambition is that by 2022, 100% of the wheat used in the EU to bake cookies will be grown by farmers participating in the Harmony programme.

The Harmony program also establishes specific practices to ensure the development of biodiversity. This is especially true for better wheat farming practices in a sustainable way, without the use of pesticides and fertilizers, conserving water and soil resources and reducing carbon emissions

Why is the protection of biodiversity so important?

Preserving this biodiversity is essential for agriculture. Thanks to participation in the Harmony project, farmers spend 3% of their land on flowers or trees to create suitable conditions and food for bees and butterflies. It is important to maintain this diversity and not be dominated by human needs. Earth is the most diverse planet in the solar system: a variety of animals and plants, as well as ecosystems and the relationships between them. Years of evolution have made the Earth unique. Did you know that there are 8.7 million species on Earth. The development of the ecological network is extremely important for each other. It all works as a coherent organism – and the loss of at least one element results in a disruption of the homeostasis of others. That is why it is so important to conserve biodiversity and protect species, because any disruption to the current state can lead to irreversible consequences.

SAN brand cookies – why is it worth buying?

It is because of the brand’s participation in the Harmony project and because of its delicious, unique and timeless taste. Petitki with milk and honey and Petitki with milk chocolate are available in new, handy formats: family and impulse. Family pack is the perfect solution for sharing with the family and making homemade desserts. Petitki are high quality biscuits considered the gold standard on the market: crispy, melt in the mouth, with a delicate buttery flavour, with or without milk chocolate. Petitki are perfect for everyday use as a light snack, and a chocolate variety for fun.

Last year, the San brand expanded the portfolio of its Łakotki products with an entirely new category – waffles. San Łakotki waffles are light, crispy waffles topped with delicious cream. Made from high quality ingredients and selected Harmony flour. Perfect to share with others. Among the new products, there are three flavors of waffles weighing 146g: nut, vanilla and chocolate.

Złotokłose cookies have also undergone a transformation. Larger packs of 215g will be available on the market from January in the most popular pack size – a roll. In addition to the traditional oat version that has been known for years, there is again the coconut version, which is very popular with consumers. Złotokłose is a unique combination of oat flakes and whole grains.

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