Walkover in Krosno. The wolves made a special statement

After the match between Cellfast Wilków Krosno and Stelmet Falubaz Zielona Góra ended with a walk-over for visitors, the club from Podkarpacie made a special statement.

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the track surface in Krosno.  to check

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On Sunday, the eWinner goal of the 1st League between Cellfast Wilki Krosno and Stelmet Falubaz Zielona Góra was to take place. Fans ready to watch the speedway performances at the stadium on ul. Legionów, experienced a huge disappointment. Judge Jerzy Najwer ruled that the track was not suitable for driving and ruled for the visitors. The team from Zielona Góra won 40:0.

A few hours after these events, the club from Podkarpacie issued a special statement. This includes the topic of adding the surface to the Krosno facility.

“With reference to the article on SportoweFakty.pl titled ‘GKSŻ issued a message about the game in Krosno. Someone is lying about the track!” and other publications that are appearing more and more, we would like to inform you that the orbit surface in Krosno has actually been replenished, but this has taken place in the late fall of 2021. It is therefore not true that the surface was completed just before the start of 2022 season at the request of PZM “- wrote Cellfast Wilków’s statement.

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“In March 2022, the club applied for and received the permission from PZM to sprinkle the surface with clay only twice. Therefore, the information also appeared in the TV broadcast of the match that informed the Cellfast Wilków coach Ireneusz Kwieciński about the order. to add the surface at the request of PZM just before the 2022 season. This fact can be verified by reading the broadcast, which clearly shows that trainer Cellfast Wilków only spoke about adding binding clay at the request of the club. was reworded in the comments of people running the TV report “- added in the release.

We remind you that already on Friday, during the game against Abramczyk Polonia Bydgoszcz, the track in Krosno left much to be desired. “Despite the short time gap between the two meetings (less than two days), many hours were spent on the track using specialized equipment. PZM has access to video with continuous recording of every eWinner from the 1st League stadium” – explained Cellfast Wilków.

“The works carried out contributed to the condition of the surface on which we played matches in Krosno during the 2021 season. We regret that the sheer magnitude of the works carried out did not receive recognition in the eyes of the Competition Jury. However, it is worth noting , that the three-member Competition Jury (judge, ) made the decision to announce the walkover unanimously and by a vote of 2:1″ – added.

The representatives of Cellfast Wilków Krosno also pointed out that the speedway riders of both teams were not even allowed on the track. “The participants were not asked for their opinion, and the only test of the quality of the track preparation was the judge and track marshal’s tool, which was a screwdriver” – it was said.

“With such a highly controversial decision, the numerous fans who had gathered in the stadium were denied the opportunity to get excited about the match with the leading teams of the competition. The viewers in front of the TV screens were treated to an almost two-hour coverage of the match, which did not take place” – added.

Awarding a walk-over, in accordance with the competition rules, will result in fines for Cellfast Wolves. As highlighted in the press release, they could have “very serious implications for the club’s budget and the future of the Krosno speedway”.

“History, also of the last weeks and seasons, shows that the competition matches were often played on much worse prepared surfaces. It is therefore incomprehensible and very damaging to us that the recall and pronunciation of the walk-over in the radiant sun and in incomparably better conditions is incomprehensible to us” – summarized in the statement.

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