Speedway sports. One of the teams leaves last place – 4th round of U24 Ekstraliga (selections)

The 4th round of the U24 Ekstraliga is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. As in the previous rounds, the start of each meeting is scheduled at 5:00 PM. In this queue, the front-runner and the vice-leader face each other, as well as two teams that have so far failed to score a point in the table.

At Jasna Góra there will be a duel between two teams, the red lanterns of U24 Ekstraliga. So far, neither the Częstochowa team and the Wrocław team have managed to score a single point. We do know that that will change on Tuesday evening. The visitors look better on paper and should win. To confirm the strength, Bartłomiej Kowalski, who has been associated with the club from Częstochowa in recent seasons, was also summoned. Jonas Jeppesen will also fight to improve the result. During his last appearance in these competitions, he made a terrible blunder. In four starts he scored only one point which is not appropriate for a competitor who starts every day in PGE Ekstraliga.

Włókniarz Częstochowa – WTS Sparta Wrocław:

Włókniarz Częstochowa:
9. Jonas Jeppesen
10. Mitchell Cluff
11. Jordan Jenkins
12. Jakub Martyniak
13. Andrij Rozaliuk
14. Patryk Nater
15. Hagon himself

WTS Sparta Wroclaw:
1. Sandro Wassermann
2. Dawid Rybak
3. Lukas Baumann
4. Jack Smith
5. Bartlomiej Kowalskiz
6. Michał Curzytek
7. Mateusz Panicz

In the match between GKM and Stal, both teams will definitely want to return to the winning path. In the last game in Lublin, the hosts won a draw, while the people of Gorzów had to enjoy themselves during the home game against KS Toruń. For the first time this season, 19-year-old Briton Jason Edwards will make his appearance. He is considered one of the talents of the local speedway. During this season, he already won the qualifying round of the British Junior Championship, finishing ahead of Bickley and Hagon, who already had the chance to start in the U24 Ekstraliga.

GKM Grudziądz – Stal Gorzow:

Grudziadz GKM:
9. Kacper Pludra
10. Kacper Wardulinskiz
11. Seweryn Orgackic
12. Jason Edwards
13. Emil Breum
14. Kacper Lobodziński
15. Wiktor Rafalskiz

My Bermuda Stal Gorzow:
1. Daniel Klima
2. Wiktor Jasinskic
3. Mattias Pollestad
4. Mateusz Bartkowiak
5. Timi Salonen
6. Jakub Stojanowski
7. Oskar Hurysz

After the defeat in Ostrów, the inhabitants of Toruń returned to the winning slopes in the final round. Despite the difficulties in the early stages of the competition, they managed not only to make up for six points, but also to add six more as part of the advance. Motor, weakened by the absence of Mateusz Tudzież, only managed to equalize in the home game against GKM Grudziądz. They controlled the match until the middle of the competition, but in the second part, the Grudziądz citizens interpreted the changing conditions at Aleja Zbylitowskie better. The protagonist of “Koziołki” was again Fraser Bowes, who has an average of 2,133 in this competition. Tudzież returned to the squad for the game in Toruń, and it turned out that he quickly healed a broken collarbone.

KS Toruń – Engine Lublin:

KS Toruń:
9. Emil Portner
10. Bastian Pedersen
11. Zach Cook
12. Krzysztof Lewandowski
13. Jordan Palin
14. Karol Zupinskic
15. Denis Zielinskiz

Lublin engine:
1. Jakub Valkovic
2. Marius Hillebrand
3. Fraser Bowes
4. Kamil Wieczorek
5. Mateusz Tudzież
6. Jan Rachubik
7. Maksymilian Herring

It’s a real hit at this level. Both teams have not tasted defeat so far and in recent seasons they have shown that the juniors are their strongest point. For this reason, these teams were not against the creation of the U24 Ekstraliga, as there were not enough places for their talented youth. Both the team from Leszno and Ostrow for the duel in the fourth round of U24 Ekstraliga indicated the strongest combinations, which heralds great emotions. One thing is certain, one of the teams will lose points for the first time in the season.

Agromix Polcopper Unia Leszno – Arged Malesa Ostrów:

Agromix Polcopper Unia Leszno:
9. Damian Ratajczak
10. Jesper Knudsen
11. Jonas Knudsen
12. Hubert Jabłoński
13. Keynan Rew
14. Maksym Borowiak
15. Antoni Mencel

Arged Malesa Ostrow:
1. Matias Nielsen
2. Kacper Grzelak
3. Tim Sorensen
4. Jakub Poczta
5. Filip Hjelmland
6. Sebastian Szostak
7. Jakub Krawczyk

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