ŁKS on the edge. The players are already canceling their contract

Last week, the two-time Polish champion published a financial report showing that the club has more than PLN 7 million in debt for the period July 2020 – June 2021.

This season, financial difficulties have been felt several times. Already in the autumn, several football players requested contract termination due to arrears. In some cases the situation was alleviated a bit, but the Dane, Mikkel Ryggard, did it effectively. Until he found a club, ŁKS still had to pay him around 10,000 euros a month. Another bomb exploded at the start of the year, when FIFA, followed by the Polish Football Association, imposed a transfer ban on the club for even older arrears. And here we have been able to make up for it, as the club has paid off its obligations to two former foreign players.

In the meantime, players who still haven’t paid their salaries usually fail on the pitch, although paradoxically they still have a chance of being promoted before the end of the queue (only that ŁKS was not licensed for the Premier League, but state about to appeal). However, at the end of the season, the scoop has changed and other players are reporting that they are saying goodbye to the club from al. Union. For now it’s just foreigners – players who would have the leaders and pull the game off the team, but they disappointed.

Antonio Dominguez started – he was supposed to rule in midfield, but he didn’t. In this case, the club stated that the Spaniard is leaving ŁKS for “personal reasons”. The player posted a statement on social media in which he directly states that it is a financial arrears.

Ricardinho was another who left. He came to the club in January 2021 and would lead ŁKS to the Eredivisie. And he got royal terms for it – he reportedly made about 16,000. euros per month. Even in the spring round of last season, he lived up to expectations – six goals, but there was no promotion. In the games that ended, he failed the entire league – no goals. It turns out that one goal cost the club over 200,000 PLN!

Another “sniper” Ricardinho has had to support in scoring this season – Stipe Jurić scored just twice. He has already canceled the contract. Other Spaniards can be expected to end their contracts soon – Nacho Monsalve (injured all season) and Javi Moreno, a player of the high smoke, little fire type. He shook his rivals on the field, but there was no effect. Instead of goals or assists, he collected six yellow cards.

Another Spanish ace also failed – center striker Samuel Corral missed the net this season. The only foreign player to defend with numbers is Pirulo – 10 goals and five assists. And rather the only one where ŁKS could earn something and save the budget.

Krzysztof Przytuła has been behind ŁKS’ transfer policy for several years now. The start was good, because he found, for example, Dani Ramirez, who made an important contribution to the promotion of ŁKS to the premier league (in 2019). Recently, however, he put a bullet through the fence, and the acquisitions not only failed to help the team return to the national elite, but also put the club in huge financial trouble.

A huge wave of criticism comes down on him, because the lack of sporting success is one of the main elements that ŁKS was on the brink of disaster. Some fans are openly demanding that the sports director leave the club. There are even banners in the city where they – to put it mildly – demand it.

Although the ŁKS players leave the team before the end of the season, Jarosław Olszowy, the company’s agent on the club’s website, claims the situation is not that bad. “There is no such threat” [upadku ŁKS – przyp. red.]† The report we published covers the fiscal year ending June 2021. Since then, the club has taken a number of actions to change this, he told shareholders. Since then, the share capital has been raised and today it exceeds PLN 10.5 million, and we are in the process of registering a capital increase of another PLN million.”

The backlog of football players is three months, which gives them the right to submit applications for contract termination. If the club does not respond within 14 days, the player is released. ŁKS has to pay him the contract anyway until he finds a new team in which he gets the same or more. If it is less, he must equalize.

If foreign players do not get paid, they will file a claim with FIFA. The Federation is already targeting ŁKS for its recent problems. So far it has only imposed a transfer ban, but subsequent penalties could be much more painful.

– We focus on short-term goals, ie on providing financial liquidity to the club, keeping the finances under control, and above all we try to prevent the club’s liabilities from growing – adds Olszowy.

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