Jan Ardanowski: The president’s entourage may be preventing me from starting the PiS lists

The passing term has shown that the deputies of the largest grouping of the United Right can take on Jarosław Kaczyński† And it’s not about individual parties that make up the ruling coalition, but about parliamentarians who belong directly to PiS. In recent years, politicians from Nowogrodzka have faced many crises, including internal ones: the famous “five for animals”, envelope elections or the COVID-19 pandemic.

– The PiS authorities know exactly how the activists deal with specific topics, arising, for example, from meetings during crises – said one of our interlocutors from PiS. – People are increasingly asking if they want to be on PiS lists. Because they are not judged by their zeal, but by the votes, another politician from the ruling party repeated his colleague.

When Jarosław Kaczyński tried to enforce a “five for animals” in the Sejm in October 2020, 38 deputies from his parliamentary club voted against the will of the PiS president† There are also objections in the Senate. Some were suspended, others lost party and even government positions. He also belonged to the latter group Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski† It is known that he lost the portfolio of the minister of agriculture because of his resistance.

Two years ago it was said that a popular politician could create his own party or a circle in the Sejm, but the idea failed. In an interview with Interia, Ardanowski, supported by more than 76,000 people in the Toruń district, emphasizes: he has been with PiS for 21 years and is not going anywhere. As he claims, he is involved in the life of the party for an idea, not for personal gain.

– That’s why I can say that the party made mistakes like “five for animals”. Because of this idea, we have a gap between the countryside and PiS, says the former minister. – The way the Polish Order was conducted was also shameful, wrong and illogical. Something that was supposed to fuel PiS and empower society turned out to be a failure, from which you have to back off and explain – he adds.

At the same time, Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski sees “no alternative” to the United Right. He doesn’t even leave a thread about the opposition. – The return to power of the discredited Platform is not a choice. What I hear from my mouth now Donald Tusky it feeds on Poland’s short memory. Although I have lived through COVID-19, I remember perfectly how this team behaved in power – the PiS politician believes.

He looks to the left wing not much better :- I appreciate the pro-social approach but when I hear voices Sylwia Spurek or Robert Biedro about changing European philosophy, departing from the roots of the old continent or approaching animals, I am overcome by an empty smile – says Interia’s interlocutor.

PiS deputies stressed that the party leadership did not take them into account: – It would be much easier to talk if the culture in the club was based on dialogue. We could make better legislation. We are voting now and we are not debating whether this is right or not. We are moving forward like a battering ram – one of the politicians told us.

According to the former agriculture minister, Jarosław Kaczyński and his immediate surroundings, the deputies who have daily contact with the voters should take the deputies into account. – If individual delegates, and not just the mythical leadership, had more influence on certain decisions, there would be fewer mistakes. However, it seems to me that the party is drawing conclusions – our interlocutor assessed. He noted the change in rhetoric regarding the Polish Order and was positive about the change in the seat of the Minister of Agriculture, which Henryk Kowalczyk took over from Grzegorz Puda.

As the former minister tells us, he himself is not afraid to say what he thinks many PiS deputies “hide their heads in the sand” and are afraid of the opinion of their party colleagues† – I have always treated President Jarosław Kaczyński’s statements this way: in fundamental matters a person is guided by his conscience and must have a certain courage to “place himself” where he sees a mistake. We don’t go into politics to contradict ourselves and our views – Ardanowski explains.

When we asked the former minister of agriculture whether he would prefer to hold a parliamentary or senatorial seat in the coming period, he did not hesitate to refer to the House of Representatives. – Quarrels of positions and decision-making take place in the parliamentary and administrative phase. I am happy that I was able to lead a difficult department for almost two and a half years and to implement different ideas. That’s why I see myself here more (in the Sejm – ed.) – we heard. However, Interia’s interlocutor emphasizes that “the Senate also needs competent people”.

But, as Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski points out, his political future depends on many factors, especially the decisions of the PiS leadership. So it doesn’t anticipate what’s going to happen. As he says, he has a certain “doubt”.

– It doesn’t keep me up at night because I can give up politics. However, I am afraid that the environment of the president will suggest to get rid of those rebels and have their own opinion regardless of their political popularity and how they strengthen the formation – says the politician Interia. – They can prevent me from being a candidate on PiS lists. I can live outside of politics, and if you are convinced that you are right, you can fight in different configurations – he concluded.

Jakub Szczepasskic

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