They save wild animals – Ostoja needs support for renovation and further help for the inhabitants of Kartuzy

They give wild birds and small mammals a chance to come back to life in nature. They rescue sick, injured and orphaned animals that need temporary care, treatment, rehabilitation and adjustment to independent living. The Pomeranian Wildlife Rehabilitation Center “Ostoja” has rescued 14,000 wild animals during its 10 years of existence. Unfortunately, the facility is experiencing financial difficulties, and without the support of people who are not indifferent to the fate of “smaller brothers”, it has no chance to continue its activities.

The Pomeranian Wildlife Rehabilitation Center “Ostoja” has been operational since 2013. The center employs nine wildlife enthusiasts, specialists in their fields – veterinary technicians, wildlife wardens. The center works with a veterinarian and ornithologist who calls the birds before they are released and helps create the best conditions for different species. So far Ostoja has rescued 14,000 animals.

– We don’t look at where the animal came from. If we have the ability and resources, we help. All that matters to us is alleviating suffering and pain and taking care of the patient as quickly as possible. That it would get proper care so that it would heal. All that matters is that the animal returns to nature thanks to the help provided. Just out of concern for wildness, Ostoja’s team writes.

The center accepts new patients every day. Funds for the projects they are currently running to help all affected animals from local funds and institutions are now very limited. Maintenance costs have risen drastically and the center itself is in need of renovation.

– We always bought everything as cheaply as possible, because the most important thing was to save our patients. Therefore, we are constantly faced with breakdowns, some furniture is literally falling apart – informs the center.

The Ostoja team received a loan grant from the Gdańsk Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in the amount of PLN 365,000 for the expansion of the center, thermal modernization and renovation of some rooms. Unfortunately, the drastic price increases prevented the task from being completed from the pool of funds obtained.

– Instead of enjoying the new wildlife nursery and renovated office, we’ve come to a standstill. The breeding season is just around the corner, and the interior of the building has yet to be finished, the office and a new hospital aviary need to be renovated – Ostoja informs.

The estimated cost of the work and the purchase of equipment is PLN 150,000, and there is also a lack of resources for the daily maintenance of the center and the costs of care, food and treatment of patients.

– To be able to help 3,000 injured wild animals every year, we need another 100,000 PLN. These amounts are a bull’s eye. We hope that you will help us in spite of everything and that we can act together for the benefit of wildlife. This fundraiser is an opportunity for us. If the necessary amount is raised, Ostoja can operate until the end of the year and continue to develop. Thousands of wild animals get a second chance at life. Hundreds of people receive professional advice and help for an injured wild animal. We help everyone as much as we can – writes the Ostoya team.

You can support the center by making donations to the screenshot account on the website –śmitalostoja.

– Help us help! Despite the most sincere intentions, with a smile and a positive attitude, we will not feed or heal our patients. Sadly, just as endangered species are dying out, so are organizations that work for them. Are you the one who will save us? Thank you for always giving us a helping hand and financially supporting the activities of Ostoja – Ostoja apples.

Photo Maja Stawiska and Michalina Sobczak

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