snails. A surprise in Bydgoszcz! ROW Rybnik surprises Abramczyk Polonia

A draw in Bydgoszcz, which ROW Rybnik celebrated as a win. After all, it’s not surprising that it was Abramczyk Polonia who was considered the clear favorite in this match of the 4th round of eWinner of the 1st League. Nicolai Klindt did a great job with 16 points.

Mateusz Makuch

Kenneth Bjerre (in a red helmet), Grzegorz Zengota (white) and Patryk Wojdyło (yellow)

WP SportoweFakty / Michał Szmyd / In the photo: Kenneth Bjerre (in a red helmet), Grzegorz Zengota (white) and Patryk Wojdyło (yellow)

Rybnik’s guests came to Bydgoszcz with hope, especially since they have Grzegorz Zengot and Andreas Lyager in their ranks. Both defended the colors of the Polish community abroad last season and coach Antoni Skupień could expect the most from them. Lyager did not disappoint from the start. Anyway, the ROW team made a good impression, even though the early stages of the competition didn’t go as planned for this team.

The first part of the match dragged on for an eternity and was full of controversy. Right at the start, the inaugural stage was approached three times, as Patryk Wojdyło and Adrian Miedziński fell on the track twice. The latter had split his left hand and needed a bandage. Fortunately, there was nothing more serious for the injured players.

After the second edition we had an extra break to wet the surface as the sun dried it quickly, and the results of the fourth race were canceled and after many minutes of break it was repeated. Rode? Start tire went up unevenly. At this point, however, the question arose as to whether the tape had already failed in the earlier runs.

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The visitors had the worst result of this decision, as they initially won the 4th round 4:2 and lost in the replay 1:5. Polonia took the lead of eight points and after the next race the difference increased to 10 “points”. However, ROW reacted immediately with a double win and coach Antoni Skupień had his nose for it, who replaced Wojdyła with Nicolai Klindt from the tactical reserve.

The Dane did not disappoint and won, and when Zengot, who was defending himself against Matej Zagar’s attacks, crossed the second finish line, the residents of Rybnik cut their losses to six points. After the 7th race, we got a match, as ROW took another cross-country victory (4:2) and started to get closer to the Polish diaspora. After eight heats we already had a draw and the Bydgoszcz players wondered what was going on with Zagar. The Slovenian was very slow and after three heats he only had 2 points with a bonus.

Meanwhile, the residents of Rybnik followed suit and after ten runs they were on their way to make a surprise in Bydgoszcz. Plus, they got lucky when Kenneth Bjerre had a lead failure on the penultimate straight in Race 9. From 4:2 for locals it became 4:2 for visitors. Lyager performed excellently on the host team, followed by Klindt. – This is one of my favorite songs – said the older Dane in an interview with Canal + Sport5’s Łukasz Benz. He did great in this match.

The problem of the Polish community was mainly due to the fact that the hosts’ players started much worse than their opponents. This element was not crucial that day, as the most important thing was to play the first arc wisely, but often the residents of Rybnik had a small advantage thanks to better starts.

The Polish diaspora caught their breath for the nominated races after two double wins in race 11 and 12. Przemysław Konieczny was particularly impressed, as she brilliantly fended off Grzegorz Zengota’s attacks. The residents of Rybnik lost 4 “eyes” to the locals two stages before the end of the match, but they did not intend to lay down their arms and eliminate the losses.

The competition in the races of the nominees was enormous, unfortunately, as Matej Zagar discovered, who had an accident in the penultimate corner in the 14th edition. The Slovenian hit the track hard and left him in the ambulance (see details – >>).


Abramczyk Polonia Bydgoszcz – 45 points
9. Kenneth Bjerre- 9 + 1 (3.2, d, 2*, 2)
10. Oleg Mikhaylov – 4 + 1 (2*, 0.2.0)
11. Adrian Miedziński – 9 (1,1,2,3,2)
12. Daniel Jeleniewski – 9 + 1 (2.3.1*, 3.0)
13. Matej Zagar – 5 + 1 (1 *, 1,1,2, indoor)
14. Wiktor Przyjemsky – 6 (3.3.0)
15. Przemyslaw Konieczny – 3 + 1 (1.0.2 *)

ROW Rybnik – 45 points
1. Patryk Wojdyao – 1 (0, -, 1.0)
2. Grzegorz Zengota – 9 + 1 (0.2*, 3.1.3)
3. Nicolai Klindt – 16 (2,2,3,3,3,3)
4. Kristian Pieszczek – 5 + 1 (1.0.2*, 1.1)
5. Andreas Lyager- 11 (3,3,3,1,1)
6. Pawel Trzesniewski – 3 (2.0,1.0)
7. Kacper Tkocz – 0 (0, -, 0)

Run after run:
1. (64.83) Bjerre, Klindt, Miedziński, Wojdyło – 4:2 – (4:2)
2. (63.43) Przyjemski, Trzesniewski, Konieczny, Tkocz – 4:2 – (8:4)
3. (63.80) Lyager, Jeleniewski, Zagar, Zengota – 3:3 – (11:7)
4. (63.67) Przyjemski, Mikhailov, Pieszczek, Trzesniewski – 5:1 – (16:8)
5. (64,18) Jeleniewski, Klindt, Miedziński, Pieszczek – 4:2 – (20:10)
6. (64.29) Klindt, Zengota, Zagar, Konieczny – 1:5 – (21:15)
7. (65.67) Lyager, Bjerre, Trzesniewski, Mikhailov – 2:4 – (23:19)
8. (65.75) Klindt, Pieszczek, Zagar, Pleasant – 1:5 – (24:24)
9. (66.07) Zengota, Mikhailov, Wojdyło, Bjerre (d) – 2:4 – (26:28)
10. (65,23) Lyager, Miedziński, Jeleniewski, Trześniewski – 3:3 – (29:31)
11. (65.08) Jeleniewski, Bjerre, Pieszczek, Wojdyło – 5:1 – (34:32)
12. (64.06) Miedziński, Konieczny, Zengota, Tkocz – 5:1 – (39:33)
13. (63.60) Klindt, Zagar, Lyager, Mikhailov – 2:4 – (41:37)
14. (-, -) Zengota, Miedziński, Pieszczek, Zagar (indoor) – 2:4 – (43:41)
15. (63.91) Klindt, Bjerre, Lyager, Jeleniewski – 2:4 – (45:45)

NCD: 63.43 – won by Wiktor Przyjemski in race 2.
Started according to the 2nd set.

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