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Ambition and character were beyond reason. But there was more stupidity in it than ambition. I could hurt myself even more. Unfortunately, I was not myself – says Kamil Łączyński, captain of Anwil Włocławek.

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Legia Warszawa defeated Anwil Włocławek 3-0 in the semifinals of the Energa Basket League and are playing for the Polish championship again after 53 years. The Kujawy side had a taste for playing in the final but had to recognize the superiority of rivals from the capital, who were better in this series, terms dictated. The team from Włocławek plays for bronze against Czarny Słupsk.

In Włocławek – despite the 0:3 defeat with Legia – many positive points can be seen this season. Let us remind you that after the last disastrous season (13th place) the club was in a big financial and sporting hole. The team took second place after the main stage and also won the international competition.

– The goal was to advance to the play-offs. No one in Włocławek expected it to turn out like this. This is a big surprise for me. But there is one more step to be taken. Always standing on the box is a nice feeling – says Kamil Łączyński.

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Karol Wasiek, WP SportoweFakty: Why did Anwil Włocławek lose the series with Legia Warszawa (0:3) in the Energa Basket League semifinals?

Kamil Łączynski, Captain of Anwil Włocławek: I think the most important element of this match was effectiveness. It goes without saying that we played with terrible game effectiveness in the first two games (36 and 39%). It was an important element and I think we lost because of that. It’s hard to think about winning when you throw that badly in the basket. And then we’re talking about the competition in the semi-finals. The ranking of the competition is clearly different than in the regular round. It is also worth adding that this effectiveness was not present in the whole team, and not in one or two players. Another element comes to mind.


No “cool head” at key moments. First of all, I mean the moment when we were up 79:73 in the first game – in extra time – and we had everything in our hands to close this game. We have to respect the ball more, play long enough to let those seconds pass and work in our favor. Unfortunately we lost the ball and our rivals used it.

And the third game?

The situation was completely different from the matches in Włocławek. We were against the wall, while our rivals – also driven by the winning series with Stal – knew they wanted and can do it right away in their own room. I have to admit it was hard for us to play, we just had such outbursts. It didn’t quite go as we expected. There was no – as stated by coach Frasunkiewicz – no health. This semi-final did not go our way. We had imagined it differently.

How important was patience in this match? I have the impression that this is a very important element in the game of the Warsaw team, I often missed it with you. How do you approach it?

It is possible that it is as you say, but you also have to remember that our attacking moves were often – during the main round – very short. All because of the characteristics of the players we have on the team. After all, it has brought us a lot! I don’t remember anyone telling us that when we won game after game. We all remember how many throws Dykes, Mathews or Bell have hit. And now? Maybe there was a little patience, but I still believe the main issue was effectiveness. And was Legia patient with every action? I can’t quite agree with this, because in several actions Johnson also decided to make crazy throws.

You mentioned the lack of health in your team. It can be said that in this series Anwil … had lost health. How important was it?

I wouldn’t want my words to in any way dilute Legia, who beat us 3-0 in the series, which is a great achievement, especially as there were two games played in Włocławek. Great respect for that, but I have to admit that a large number of injuries also influenced the course of the game. We just weren’t ourselves. Let’s take a look at me. My game in the quarter-finals and semi-finals is like… from two different planets. It’s not like my form disappeared in a week. The same can be said of Kyndall Dykes. The lack of health affected the wildlife and the way we played. It was not possible to make different elements function and implement on the field. Unfortunately.

Kamil Łączyński: We weren't ourselves
Kamil Łączyński: We weren’t ourselves

Did you play at your own request?

I wasn’t able to play at 100 percent of my ability, but unfortunately that’s how it is sometimes. This is the brutal part of the sport. I played on painkillers. I got a recommendation from a doctor to rest for a while and let my body regenerate. But as we know, this is not the time to sit back and do nothing. Ambition and character were beyond reason. Although in retrospect I can say that there was more stupidity on my part than ambition. I could have hurt myself more, but I have to admit that I really wanted to help the team and play in the grand final again. However, my game was – in my opinion – far from what I expected from myself.

I have the impression that the lack of a good game from Łączyński has a strong influence on the attitude of the whole team. In addition, coach Frasunkiewicz repeatedly emphasized that you are the general who organizes Anwil Włocławek’s match. Do you see it that way?

Sure, the whole team feels more confident when the quarterback plays well. In this series I didn’t feel well for health reasons, I didn’t make perfect decisions, I often had moments of hesitation, which translated into the performance of the whole team. Another thing is that before the season, no one expected Jonah Mathews to play at this level. He was a big puzzle, a question mark. He developed very well, we played well together in position 1/2. I believe we formed a very harmonious duo. He and I have had some great months, which is reflected in the statistics. Too bad that at the most important stage of the season the health problem made this impossible.

Is there fire in the eyes of the participants for the battle for the bronze medal?

After the series with Legia, we got two days off for a full reset and clearing our heads. I don’t hide that I would love to win a bronze medal, which would be a nice highlight of this season, which would be … a transition season. The goal was to advance to the playoffs. No one in Włocławek expected it to turn out like this. This is a big surprise for me. But there is one more step to be taken. Always standing on the box is a nice feeling.

How do you rate Anwil’s chances against Zwart in the battle for the bronze medal?

Let me put it briefly: 50 over 50.

Kamil Łączyński to stay in Anwil Włocławek next season?

I have a valid contract. I’m getting ready to spend another season in Włocławek.

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